Tuesday, October 11, 2011

YBI - what is it?

YBI stands for Youth Bible Institute
A college credited course for high-school and college students our church offers for the serious student, with Bible-memorization, deep discutions, quizzes, and weekly hand-in papers on theology and that particular chapter's topic.
We are going through Wayne Grudem's condensed version of his book, Systematic Theology.
There are about 8 other Junior and Senior high-schoolers (and one other homeschooler) under the tutelage of a Hebrew/Greek scholar and an objective arguer with the highest acting expertise on our church drama team.
And, yes, that's right up my alley!  I really love it.  So what I'm going to do is post and share what I'm learning and writing, whether your interested or not.  :)   Somebody may read it, or perhaps nobody but my adoring parents, who faithfully scour my highly active blog, but that's alright.

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