Saturday, November 5, 2011

But does it "Work"?

Walking with my friend and sister one day as a bit of exercise, and a brake from school, always gives us plenty of chit chat time.  I walk in back and make jokes, add insight where I can, and laugh at myself.  My friend, sister and I, being quite like-minded that the dating system of the world is terribly out of whack, started to discuss the other alternatives.  Conservative dating, sometimes called courtship, is something that is up our family's "conservative ally", though being the eldest girl at nearly 17 in our family, I've never ever dated or "went with" any guy, nor wish to for quite some time until I'm more ready for such things, more matured in home life and spiritual matters, and definitely not until God brings the right guy!
We had heard beautiful stories of girls who ditched the system and kept themselves pure until their wedding day, and poured themselves into God's pure will 'til He brought about that day.  Now, looking at their happily married lives, it is a worthy goal to consider.  Letting go of dating around and day dreaming about guys; keeping their hearts in Christ.
So whats the problem?  We also realized that for every beautiful love-story of courtship, there are 10 other old maids, quite eligible ladies of great virtue, still unmarried, still holding to their ideas of conservative dating.  "That's a great system in theory," my friend said, "but does it actually work?"
Is this really a problem?  I would say no, with great enthusiasm!  If one has found a way to stay emotionally and physically pure, whether through Christian dating or through courtship, then it doesn't matter if it "works" or not, in our terms.  What are we thinking when we put our trust in the method instead of the Issuer?
I know where she is coming from.  Us Christian girls want to stay pure and get married, but sometimes when staying pure means not marrying, if it be God's will, then we get antsy.  We have to check our hearts.  The goal is not to choose the best means in which to get get married, but to trust God and do His will... giving Him our desires!
So now that we know that our trust should be in Christ alone, what might it look like if we wasn't?
If we were selling courtship as the best way to get married, that wouldn't work.  The world wants a sales-pitch on what will get them what they want, not God's sometimes invisible workings to bring good tomorrow.  No, having the right relationship with guys and girls alike isn't to get what you want, but to do what God says, and trust me - it will be more than worth it if you just wait upon the LORD, and let Him be your soul desire!

Psalm 37:4

"Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart."

Now that works!

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