Thursday, November 10, 2011

More book ideas

Book cover designed by myself for
"Red Mosaic", a book I've started
an outline for.
This isn't just a random idea - I've actually made up an outline, plot, and illustrated character bios for this "book".  So far it's stuck in first gear, or something like half-gear, or whatever.  I'm just a teen, never published, and writing is just a passionate hobby for me. However, I would like to publish someday, and this would be the book! 
Set in 1920s Northern India.  Twisting, deep, surprising plot, intricate characters, and an engaging progression completes the very uncompleted Christian Historical-Fiction Thriller.  If I ever get around to more than just research on-the-side, I think it might be something.  It took me quite a while to think of the name, but this stuck after a year of mild contemplation.  It may change yet.

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