Sunday, November 20, 2011

Set Apart Girl online magazine - Awesome!

Searching for good articles and sites on godly girlhood for all my sisters out there, I came across Leslie Ludy's Set apart girl completely free, extensive, online magazine for girls.  Jam packed with amazing insight from girls and guys all over the world of all ages, this is really the best!  The best I've found in my 17 years, that is.  So check out the site and read all about the pure passion we so often forget we share with thousands; be encouraged and spurred on to delve into an amazing relationship with Jesus.
The range of interest includes prayer, missions, love, self-esteem, the Gospel, relationships, style, modesty, full purity, and all around life-issues.  Delivered from real people with real lives and a real faith that are not ashamed to speak the truth in love.

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