Monday, December 26, 2011

Movies in the new year

The Hobbit
Prequel to Tolkein's trilogy
The Lord of the Rings
The Adventures of Tintin
(and Snowy)
Animation of the beloved European
action graphic comics

Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas poem by Michaela Danielle

I was looking back on my very neglected blog Techno Power Mac, a Christian music blog, and came across something I had forgotten about.  A poem I wrote last year.  It may not be very good, but I think it gets one thinking about the real reason for Christmas.  Anyway, this is what I wrote, or you can click on the blog name above (in red) to go to the site.

Christmas isn't a day. Jesus isn't born every year.
(Contrary to our most common, most beautiful, and most loved Christmas Carols. eg: "Christ the Lord is born today, falalalalalala...)
Why did Christ come to earth? Was it to start a wonderful Holiday where people thought about Him, (although mostly Santa,) and then go out and sing odd songs like "Grandma got run over by a reindeer"?
No! It was to come and be made one of us. To be tested and tried in every way! To walk alone, and gather the wayward chosen ones under His wing... while knowing they would reject their Messiah.
Christ came to die! But the good news in all this depressing merry-making this year, is that He died to take our place of damnation. (Yes its a word - it isn't always a swear word. It is something that happens to those who cannot reach God on their own. Which would be all of us. Yes, you. Yes, me.)
But... in case your wondering where Easter comes in. That is the day when Jesus Christ - the homeless, penniless, sinless, crucified Son of God - proved to those who would pay attention, that He was more powerful than the Grave - and all the problems you face - and He rose from the dead. (Oh, yes He did!)
So Christ will not be born for the two thousandth time this year, but if you accept Him as you savior... you will be born again this Christmas season! And let me tell you, it will last more than just the rest of the year, (which is longer than most New year resolutions,) it will last forever... in heaven!

"12/25" by Michaela Danielle <><

What if Christmas had no jingle bells
And gifts didn't break our budgets
If they were given out of love
Without the lights of a Christmas tree

If snow was never imitated
And rice replaced the turkey
Caroling was always done
And everyone shared joy

What if Christmas was as Christmas is
And never was just once a year
12/25 is reminiscing; baking pies
And mistletoe kissing
What if love was not a day
For Christmas leads to Easter, anyway

Poinsettias may proceed black roses
with thorns, but trampled down by lilies
12/25 is to work in our lives
to our hearts which from our minds
The choir warms our frosty noses
While solos can cool our hot chocolate
I cant imagine Christmas without cookies
And walks in rubber boots out in the snow

Lets raise a toast to Baby Jesus
For wise men worship all year long
Though now the King o'er all the land
Lets sing a Christmas song

12/25 is reminiscing; snow-ball fights
and gift wish-listing
What if joy was not a day
For Christmas leads to Easter, anyway

Rough manger bed to gruesome tree
But nails and stones cant hold my LORD
And He ascends in clouds!

12/25 is to stop and remember
then joyfully look ahead

Saturday, December 17, 2011

New site for Kick The System

Well, here it is.  The link to my new blog! (that makes 5 now ;)  Check it out!

Some of the posts from this blog will also be on there, because I'm all about kicking the system for Jesus wherever I am.

Bring back the parents!

 What ever happened to high respect of parents?! 
Since when were they buddies instead of authorities?  Since when were they viewed as sloppy, strict weirdos instead of the ones who heroically brought us into this world and gave us, in part, the prosperity we know and too often take for granted?  Why are they looked at as embarrassing and ignorant? 
 Yes, I realize that parents, just like the rest of us, are not perfect.  In fact, having foster siblings now I see that there is a time when the parents are harmful to their children, but the general view of America seems to put authority down to make way for the budding bloom of the new generation.  The ones that will rule the country, make up it's tax-payers, and carry on it's businesses.  Except that we don't seem to think we need to learn anything from those who have done it before.  Sure, they've made mistakes, but do we think we can do better by starting a whole new process of trial-and-error instead of learning from those who had to do it the hard way?  I think this "decline of parents", or parental value, is why we are seeing more and more teen mothers.  If we don't value our mothers, we will have no respect for becoming one.  My Great, great Grandma was a poor German immigrant who lived the Amana Colonies.  My Great Grandpa Albert was her son, and he fought in World War II... and survived.  In fact, despite the trauma, he thrived and raised my grandmother in a comfortable home, taking in foster children who were less fortunate than they.  My grandmother married young to start a family, and had my mom at 19, another great woman.  That is only one line I could tell you about.  What about my Great Grandpa, who left his traveling clan and started a farm, dying at 45, and his wife kept it alive with several children, only three of which survived.  And then my mom's dad, who lived on a farm where they relied on their cow's milk, their orchard's apples, and their chicken's eggs to keep them alive.  The eldest boy of eight children, he got up before dawn to work hard on the farm.  When he was older he did this along with walking to school and working an after school job, then going home to milk the cows and his other chores, just to buy himself a winter coat.  He raised three kids, and kept a good-paying job for thirty years, along with many medals from expert bow hunting, car racing, and now he sails the oceans about Florida with his wife in the sailboat he saved for, bought, and fixed up.
 And what do we see today?  Where are our heroes?  In Hollywood?  The cute boy at school?  The guy who invented the Snuggie?  The Facebook founder?  The golden age is here, and we are growing fat on the treasures our ancestors fought for, even on wellfare and food stamps.  We can't seem to help those who really are in need.  Ever notice how many ads and letters you get in the mail and on the Internet asked, pleading for you money to help the poor, sick, and dying?  Millions are donated each year to these projects, yet they still reign.
If one does not know his history, he is most destined to repeat it!
We forget what it is to give to something outside of ourselves, because most of us haven't had to work for our lives.  We have heroes who have given us what we have, and we spurn them.  But this golden age is passing, and will soon be in ruins.  And what will we do then?  Will we cry out to the government and our grandmas to save us?  The ones we have not cared for, and have only gone to for help?  I plan to respect my parents the rest of my life, as well as theirs.  If we think we are so smart, in this generation, then what treasures of wisdom have those older than us stored up for our asking?!
When one forgets the past to look to the future, the bad, not the good, of the past is waiting for him.  So you want to be a hero?  Learn from the best.
So bring back the parents!

New Media art

Click to view larger
This is just something I had to make up for a drama prop.  Everything is fake, so don't worry.  I don't even think there is a "Mox" New Mexico.  It just sounded funny.  The play is a murder mystery dinner theater put on by our homeschool group, and there are some littler kids starring in it, so it's just kind of goofy.  My job as a prop-person/ set extra is to come up with the "clues".  Buffy Bumont is a washed-up cheerleader vying for the Romanian Count's millions.  She is just one of the suspects, and this simulated newspaper gives us a look into her suspicious past.  Mysterious huh? :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dream Christmas outfit

I usually like my outfits to have more than just one color.  You know, some contrast, dimension, negative and positive, but I really think this one is an exception!  I don't often wear "gold", but this is just right for a candle-lit Christmas Eve service, or around the tinselled tree.

It might even be a good idea to add some silver in with this.  Yea, silver and gold together is overkill, but think of the bracelet.  A faint gold cuff bracelet with some of the bands or accents silver would work nicely.  This Christmas, see how creative you can be... on a budget.  I could never spend $60 on that dress, another $80 on the clutch purse, who knows how much on the shoes, and more probably more than $50 on the metal flower bracelet.                 This year I'm probably wearing a simple purple long-sleeved velvet knee-length dress with a modest scoop-neckline I've had for forever.  Sparkling faux diamond earrings that catch the light for a dollar at Wal-mart.  Trendy black boots or high heels I found at my local second-hand shop for less than $4.  A simple thin silver chain I got somewhere.  I'll curl my hair (if I have the patience :) with a curling iron I got as a gift some years ago.  I think I might even have a silver-looking ring, and a narrow black buckling belt I could wear around my middle to gather the dress slightly.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Clothing for less

 We all know clothing can be very expensive!  Why pay so much?!  Now you don't have to!  I've searched the web for some run-of-the-mill, fashionable clothing and have come across two sites.  The 15 dollar store, where everything is $15 or less, and Fashion 599, where everything is... you guessed it... $5.99 or less. 
 Just a warning.  While you can get many cute and adorable things at these online stores, not all of them are modest
 Enjoy your shopping!
 Click on any image to view larger.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Kicking the System

What it means:
  There are many movements and web sensations for every cause in and out of the book.  Every one wants to be different, and in doing so most have become the same.  Like a trend.  Most start by wanting to be different, unique, noticed.  Just like a bumper sticker I saw lately, saying "Just remember you are unique... just like everyone else."  New or individual does not always mean special.

Being a homeschooled Christian teen girl, who is very much in the world but trying not to be of it, I observe some very sobering things in the church.  Especially for youth, who are wrapped in the mindset of the world, which is groaning under the weight of it's sin.  It makes me very sad, and in my love first for God, then for those after His own heart, I feel a responsibility to call my brothers and sisters together to grow and worship together.

What's different about this?:
  Unlike pop sensations like the WallStreeters, this is not about simply making a statement to make a statement because you don't like whats going on, and then attach a statistic.  If asked pointedly, most every activism of that kind will not know exactly why he is protesting except that clever chant somebody made up.  "Kick the System [un]Conformed, Romans 12:2" is about separating ourselves not for our own sake, but for Christ's, from all that does not honor Him.  This is something that lasts for eternity.  Not even worthy causes like preserving nature and rescuing abused animals can compare.

Who is part of it?:
   Really, any one who has given his/her life to Christ is redeemed from the world's destruction is called to conform Himself to Jesus.  It is a joyful movement that has been going on since God opened access to Himself through His Son!  And any one can join.  See how here, under "The Wordless Book".

Where to learn more:
  This is really something new I'm starting up to call the Youth of God in America (and all over, really) back to whole-hearted service of God's heart.  That passionate, fulfilling relationship His children were always meant to have.
  I'm working on a Blog spot, and more articles and links and such.  When I get more info for you, I'll most definitely let you know!
  For now, please, please, please comment with questions, ideas, controversy, and support.  Right now I just need a "base camp".

Romans 12:2

 "Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will."

Monday, December 5, 2011

My favorite Christmas music 2011

As the season approaches, I find my music-ear honed in to some specific artists this year.  And since I think these marvelous tunes are worth sharing, I've made a little list for you to check out for yourself.

Alathea - Christmas
Toby Mac - Christmas in Diverse City
Trans-Siberian Orchestra - The lost Christmas Eve
Andrew Peterson - Behold the Lamb of God

So sorry...

Ah yes.  It's December.  Not to mention its life in December.  Life tends to get busy.  First time in about a week I've looked at my blog... I think.  I actually checked e-mail today, though, so I'm feeling quite an accomplished young lady. 
So if I don't finish the famed Christmas Countdown 2011 (not really) I apologize.  If I don't have time to mention that I have three foster siblings in the house right now all under the age of 4, or that I'm making all the Christmas gifts for relatives this year, or that I'm performing in a Dinner Theatre, or that finally get off of teaching after-school classes for two weeks, I hope you'll understand. :) 
But hey, I like it crazy. This is adventure at it's fullest, and if it gets any fuller, I think I'll start working night shifts!  (Just kidding)
Anyway, I am very aware that there are millions just as busy if not even more, so I'll forgive you if you don't read this post until June. :)  Merry Christmas!