Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bring back the parents!

 What ever happened to high respect of parents?! 
Since when were they buddies instead of authorities?  Since when were they viewed as sloppy, strict weirdos instead of the ones who heroically brought us into this world and gave us, in part, the prosperity we know and too often take for granted?  Why are they looked at as embarrassing and ignorant? 
 Yes, I realize that parents, just like the rest of us, are not perfect.  In fact, having foster siblings now I see that there is a time when the parents are harmful to their children, but the general view of America seems to put authority down to make way for the budding bloom of the new generation.  The ones that will rule the country, make up it's tax-payers, and carry on it's businesses.  Except that we don't seem to think we need to learn anything from those who have done it before.  Sure, they've made mistakes, but do we think we can do better by starting a whole new process of trial-and-error instead of learning from those who had to do it the hard way?  I think this "decline of parents", or parental value, is why we are seeing more and more teen mothers.  If we don't value our mothers, we will have no respect for becoming one.  My Great, great Grandma was a poor German immigrant who lived the Amana Colonies.  My Great Grandpa Albert was her son, and he fought in World War II... and survived.  In fact, despite the trauma, he thrived and raised my grandmother in a comfortable home, taking in foster children who were less fortunate than they.  My grandmother married young to start a family, and had my mom at 19, another great woman.  That is only one line I could tell you about.  What about my Great Grandpa, who left his traveling clan and started a farm, dying at 45, and his wife kept it alive with several children, only three of which survived.  And then my mom's dad, who lived on a farm where they relied on their cow's milk, their orchard's apples, and their chicken's eggs to keep them alive.  The eldest boy of eight children, he got up before dawn to work hard on the farm.  When he was older he did this along with walking to school and working an after school job, then going home to milk the cows and his other chores, just to buy himself a winter coat.  He raised three kids, and kept a good-paying job for thirty years, along with many medals from expert bow hunting, car racing, and now he sails the oceans about Florida with his wife in the sailboat he saved for, bought, and fixed up.
 And what do we see today?  Where are our heroes?  In Hollywood?  The cute boy at school?  The guy who invented the Snuggie?  The Facebook founder?  The golden age is here, and we are growing fat on the treasures our ancestors fought for, even on wellfare and food stamps.  We can't seem to help those who really are in need.  Ever notice how many ads and letters you get in the mail and on the Internet asked, pleading for you money to help the poor, sick, and dying?  Millions are donated each year to these projects, yet they still reign.
If one does not know his history, he is most destined to repeat it!
We forget what it is to give to something outside of ourselves, because most of us haven't had to work for our lives.  We have heroes who have given us what we have, and we spurn them.  But this golden age is passing, and will soon be in ruins.  And what will we do then?  Will we cry out to the government and our grandmas to save us?  The ones we have not cared for, and have only gone to for help?  I plan to respect my parents the rest of my life, as well as theirs.  If we think we are so smart, in this generation, then what treasures of wisdom have those older than us stored up for our asking?!
When one forgets the past to look to the future, the bad, not the good, of the past is waiting for him.  So you want to be a hero?  Learn from the best.
So bring back the parents!

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