Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas poem by Michaela Danielle

I was looking back on my very neglected blog Techno Power Mac, a Christian music blog, and came across something I had forgotten about.  A poem I wrote last year.  It may not be very good, but I think it gets one thinking about the real reason for Christmas.  Anyway, this is what I wrote, or you can click on the blog name above (in red) to go to the site.

Christmas isn't a day. Jesus isn't born every year.
(Contrary to our most common, most beautiful, and most loved Christmas Carols. eg: "Christ the Lord is born today, falalalalalala...)
Why did Christ come to earth? Was it to start a wonderful Holiday where people thought about Him, (although mostly Santa,) and then go out and sing odd songs like "Grandma got run over by a reindeer"?
No! It was to come and be made one of us. To be tested and tried in every way! To walk alone, and gather the wayward chosen ones under His wing... while knowing they would reject their Messiah.
Christ came to die! But the good news in all this depressing merry-making this year, is that He died to take our place of damnation. (Yes its a word - it isn't always a swear word. It is something that happens to those who cannot reach God on their own. Which would be all of us. Yes, you. Yes, me.)
But... in case your wondering where Easter comes in. That is the day when Jesus Christ - the homeless, penniless, sinless, crucified Son of God - proved to those who would pay attention, that He was more powerful than the Grave - and all the problems you face - and He rose from the dead. (Oh, yes He did!)
So Christ will not be born for the two thousandth time this year, but if you accept Him as you savior... you will be born again this Christmas season! And let me tell you, it will last more than just the rest of the year, (which is longer than most New year resolutions,) it will last forever... in heaven!

"12/25" by Michaela Danielle <><

What if Christmas had no jingle bells
And gifts didn't break our budgets
If they were given out of love
Without the lights of a Christmas tree

If snow was never imitated
And rice replaced the turkey
Caroling was always done
And everyone shared joy

What if Christmas was as Christmas is
And never was just once a year
12/25 is reminiscing; baking pies
And mistletoe kissing
What if love was not a day
For Christmas leads to Easter, anyway

Poinsettias may proceed black roses
with thorns, but trampled down by lilies
12/25 is to work in our lives
to our hearts which from our minds
The choir warms our frosty noses
While solos can cool our hot chocolate
I cant imagine Christmas without cookies
And walks in rubber boots out in the snow

Lets raise a toast to Baby Jesus
For wise men worship all year long
Though now the King o'er all the land
Lets sing a Christmas song

12/25 is reminiscing; snow-ball fights
and gift wish-listing
What if joy was not a day
For Christmas leads to Easter, anyway

Rough manger bed to gruesome tree
But nails and stones cant hold my LORD
And He ascends in clouds!

12/25 is to stop and remember
then joyfully look ahead

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