Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dream Christmas outfit

I usually like my outfits to have more than just one color.  You know, some contrast, dimension, negative and positive, but I really think this one is an exception!  I don't often wear "gold", but this is just right for a candle-lit Christmas Eve service, or around the tinselled tree.

It might even be a good idea to add some silver in with this.  Yea, silver and gold together is overkill, but think of the bracelet.  A faint gold cuff bracelet with some of the bands or accents silver would work nicely.  This Christmas, see how creative you can be... on a budget.  I could never spend $60 on that dress, another $80 on the clutch purse, who knows how much on the shoes, and more probably more than $50 on the metal flower bracelet.                 This year I'm probably wearing a simple purple long-sleeved velvet knee-length dress with a modest scoop-neckline I've had for forever.  Sparkling faux diamond earrings that catch the light for a dollar at Wal-mart.  Trendy black boots or high heels I found at my local second-hand shop for less than $4.  A simple thin silver chain I got somewhere.  I'll curl my hair (if I have the patience :) with a curling iron I got as a gift some years ago.  I think I might even have a silver-looking ring, and a narrow black buckling belt I could wear around my middle to gather the dress slightly.

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