Monday, December 5, 2011

So sorry...

Ah yes.  It's December.  Not to mention its life in December.  Life tends to get busy.  First time in about a week I've looked at my blog... I think.  I actually checked e-mail today, though, so I'm feeling quite an accomplished young lady. 
So if I don't finish the famed Christmas Countdown 2011 (not really) I apologize.  If I don't have time to mention that I have three foster siblings in the house right now all under the age of 4, or that I'm making all the Christmas gifts for relatives this year, or that I'm performing in a Dinner Theatre, or that finally get off of teaching after-school classes for two weeks, I hope you'll understand. :) 
But hey, I like it crazy. This is adventure at it's fullest, and if it gets any fuller, I think I'll start working night shifts!  (Just kidding)
Anyway, I am very aware that there are millions just as busy if not even more, so I'll forgive you if you don't read this post until June. :)  Merry Christmas!

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