Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's communion

This is a picture of the purity ring
 my dad put on my finger
this past Christmas
I sat cross-legged on the church pew this morning, with head bowed low.  In my hand was the unleavened crumb of communion.  Once again I sat and prayed.  On my left hand, the little white square of bread rested on my purity ring.  I realized something.  The One who gave His body and blood for my salvation gave me my purity, which the ring represents and reminds of.  This purity is not a shield against defilement, but a bond to Jesus.  I will give my whole heart fully to God this year.

In Matthew 16:1-12, Jesus speaks to His disciples about the reasoning of the unleavened (or yeast-less) bread.  It is the false teachings that would make our belief impure, or defiled in any way.  The Passover, or The Feast of the Unleavened Bread - an observance set up by God through Moses - is a picture of being separated from the world, and being purified before God.  It was a picture of the Lamb to be slain - Jesus Christ - to take away our imperfections; our sin.

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