Monday, February 27, 2012

Michael Jr. Comody - simply the best!

I love this so much!  Hope you enjoy it too.

Michael Jr. - Blackberry

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His ministry:

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 Blogger has been having some issues... or maybe it's Youtube... or maybe it's just or 5 year-old computer.  Well, the problem is that the embedding codes show up as a transferring link here and therefore not a video.  Sorry about that, but if you click on the underlined part it'll take you right to the video on Youtube.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A new earring

I had thought about it for a while.  I had talked to my parents about it, but also my heavenly Father.  Then, I did it.  Or at least the nice lady behind the jewelry counter at Walmart did.  I got an ear-piercing.  Another one, to be exact.  Stuck right in the cartilige in my left ear.  I have a total of 5 holes in my ears combined now, and it will stay that way. :)
 As you might be able to tell in the picture, it's a little tiny "gold" heart with a littler, tinier "crystal" in the center.  You can even see the greenish marker dot where the "jeweler" originally had the earring set for.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Isaiah 4:1 nowadays

Isaiah 4:1
In that day seven women
will take hold of one man
and say, “We will eat our own food
and provide our own clothes;
only let us be called by your name.
Take away our disgrace!”

Most people who read this take it as a prophesy, which it is.  Isaiah wrote this in a culture in which a woman was looked on as cursed if she could not marry, stay married, or bear children, mainly sons.  Also a culture where it was culturally accepted for a man to have multiple wives, though this is a practice greatly discouraged by God.  So the people would understand this to a certain extent, but providing their own food and clothes as if the husbands role as provider went out the window?!  That was shocking, overly independent, loose, and showed a desperation hard to fathom.  Yes, I believe this is a prophesy meant for us, when Christ's second coming is drawing near, and the world is in a very sorrowful state, warping truth beyond recognition.  Now, how is Isaiah 4:1 relevant to today - something penned 4,000 years prior?  Does it hold any weight as the poetic guesswork of a persecuted man, or was it truly inspired by God?

  It is not a disgrace for a woman to be unmarried, nowadays, as it was in the great majority of history, but it is a shame to women  who are pure in society now, for some reason.  The virgins are looked down upon; abstinence is mocked openly.  Isaiah 4:1 is relevant to today.  Ever heard of - or watched - the popular TV show "The bachelor"?  Several women take hold of one man and plead him to make them his own... through fights, seduction, manipulation, fake beauty, performance, and materialism.  They are, in essence, begging for their purity to be stained, though it's probably not that pure to begin with.  Our hottest TV shows aren't just in Hollywood.  They usually reflect the heart of the culture in general.
  Blame it on America if you like, with it's overly sexualized images and promotions spewed out of the richest industries.  I blame it on the reigning sin nature in all humanity, prevalent since the fall of man about 6,000 years ago. 
  You may be wondering, whats all this about being called by his name?  Isn't the huge trend of feminism taking over that?  That is a huge trend that is not overly new, and promotes women to be "independent" from the males in their life.  Have you ever heard, "it's your life, girl, don't give your freedom to a man", or "prove that women are just as good as men, if not better", or maybe "Take care of yourself and you'll never get hurt".  It's the powerful movement of sexism, and it is too often worshiped in some parts of the world today. America primarily.  It is viewed by us as a mark of civilization.  And no, I don't recommend reverting to the Islam movement for our women, but both extremes are wrong.  Read the verse above.  Does that sound intelligent, organized, and civilized?
 True, a growing number of women do not take the name of their husband.  (example: Mr. Smith and Mrs. Radcliffe are married?)  It's a fad extending from a popular mindset, but that doesn't prove anything of a woman's heart without Jesus, nor expose it as anything else.  In my opinion, it simply proves that once again, in one little verse in one chapter in one book of God's word is exactly that - God's word, and divinely inspired.

 So what does this matter to us today?  Aside from exposing a sad practice, that is.  How does it show us how to live, to respond?  Are we looking at God's roles for us, or defining ourselves according to culture?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Stereotype" Album by Record Exchange

Just for fun, I've written some songs and compiled a few of them into an "album".  Stereotype, by Record Exchange.  No, I haven't recorded anything.  No Youtube vids yet, but it's just fun. :)
So, if you ever see my name and face on the front of a CD cover (ha ha, yeah right), you'll know what songs are on there.  By that time compact disks will be completely outdated and we will just upload things from our ipads to our brains and install URL ports above our ears to do so.  Quite a playlist. :D  Just playin' around.

  1. Stereotype
  2. I'll ask why
  3. This life
  4. Love letter
  5. If I had the world
  6. Blead
  7. Warm light (cold world)
  8. Harvest
  9. More than a day
  10. Enemy
  11. Security
  12. Procrastinator
  13. Chance to love

Why I'm not on Face book

Everybody seems to be on Face book.  No, not everyone, because I'm not. (confounding confession, I know.)  Yes, I realize that Face book isn't evil, and in fact can be used for some pretty awesome ministry, but that doesn't keep me from razzing on it. :)  I know you're all still in shock from my past sentences, but may I proceed to give my legitimate reasons for abstaining from the cultural connection to the world.

1. It's a time vacuum.  Suck it right up. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, have you ever twiddled away to the wee hours of the morning checking statuses, chatting, and uploading pictures?  Don't tell me you haven't.  I spend enough time on this crazy blog.  I don't have enough self-control to go around.

2. It's a predator's hunting ground.  And we are all sitting ducks.  Never had a guy hit on you on Face book, girls?  You must not have any information posted, zero pictures, restricted viewing, and a gender-neutral overview.  A friend of ours is a sort of "web police" in the schools, per say.  He created a fake Face book page of that of a teen girl.  Within a couple of hours he had multiple pimps and pedophiles offering to meat with her.  Ick, yikes, and no-thanks!

3. People act stupid online.  The one place where non-existent grammer, page-long rantings, ridiculous flirting, an IQ of 2, pathetic relationships, "my-other-life" lies, and unchecked bragging is considered necessary and healthy for connecting with the outside world.  No more needs to be said.

4. It encourages fake friendships.  How many thousands of friends do you have on Face book?  How many dozen do you have in real life?  Aside from the fact that nobody really knows if any one person is telling the truth about themselves unless you know them in real life. (Yeah, I live in Madagascar, helped filmed the movie, am dating a Persian millionaire, and have flowing green hair. . . on Face book, perhaps.)  You know, if I even have to use the term "real life" to determine this from Face book, something might be a little off, do ya think?

"Voices Not Heard" - poem lamenting abortion

Voices Not Heard

- a sad poem written by Michaela Danielle in memory of those who never had the chance to speak  -
I have heard the silent voices
Rising from the deep
And have dreamed of the faces
Of the ones we’ll never see
In my heart I’ve felt the tears
Of the empty handed mothers
Who had heard it was a choice
And not the life of another

And if these dried up eyes should ever cry
If will be for the generation that has died
If life were a currency
We have spent or trillions
In this land of freedom
We have sacrificed our children

For every cry tonight
The arms of sound may never carry
I will try to say a prayer
Enough to fill a large library
For it truly breaks my heart
That the voice of the affected
Has been snuffed right out
And is passed on as a percentage

It is not the unmarked graves
Of our armies and our navies
But in garbage cans in alleys –
Oh Jesus, save our babies!

And if there is a place for God to shun
It is this nation crying out with blood

And I will never cease these praying words
Because of all the voices we’ve not heard

Friday, February 17, 2012

Modest outfits and my favorite bands

For a month or two now, my two favorite Christian music artists are Lecrea and Addison Road.  Check 'em out! 

What I'm wearing:

Dark-wash boot-cut jeans, furry
lime-green boots, colorful striped
tank top, black and grey top-
shirt, pink headband, messy bun.

Can be hard to distinguish my shirt
from my tank top underneath.

"Skinny" jeans, green plaid top,
red and white polka dotted flats
(not in pic), hair down

"Skinny" jeans, bring, striped turtle
neck sweater, grey tank top, wide
green knit headband with bow,
black converse shoes (not in pic),
easy french twist
Note: my sister's closet. :)

burgundy flared corduroy pants,
pink top, white lace shrug, white
flower in hair, pink pearl necklace
(not in pic), blue calico strappy flats

blue, strappy, "calico" flats

My BFF bracelet on a "silver" chain

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Even more fantastic foods

I've tried out some more for ya!
  • Barleans greens shake, chocolate silk
  • Nature's Plus GOLD protein shake, vanilla
  • Frank and Lisa, tuna fillet in olive oil
  • Olade electrolyte water, ginger
  • Amy's Kitchen stuffed pocket, spinach and feta
  • Primal meatless jerky, hickory smoked
  • Snickedy's veggie chips, sea salt
  • Maddi Kay's roasted almonds, spicy salsa

Monday, February 6, 2012

"Picnik" Collages

17th Birthday

17th Birthday

Modest outfit

The lovely ladies in my family

Tagging myself (sort of)

So, I've been reading Ashley's modest vintage fashion blog, and she has been tagged with the "tell me about yourself" tag.  She has tagged anyone who wishes to be tagged, and since my blog is so boring no one ever tags me, I decided to tag myself.

1. post these rules.
2. post 11 random things about yourself.
3. answer the questions set for you in their post.
4. create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. go to their blog and tell them they are tagged.
6. tag 11 people.

Her 11 "Q"s and my "As":
1. What is your favorite movie?
  Ahh, that's hard.  I'd have to say all three in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
2. Do you like sports? If you do, what are your favorites to watch? Play?
  I'm not good at sports... at all, but one thing I'm decent at is cross country running... or used to, at least.  Haven't actually ran in a while as a sport though I do work out.  I like to watch football, though.
3. What are your favorite stores to shop at?
  The local thrift shops, and the amazing local health store that I happen to work at. :)
4. Favorite food?
  Fruits, veggies, coconut, dark chocolate, nuts.  Basic stuff.
5. Have you started buying/making spring/summer clothes yet?
  I always keep my eyes out for good sales and buys all year round for all seasons, so yes.  I also sew a bit, and I've made some summer things.
6. How many states and/or countries have you visited?
  Um... three or four surrounding states and then Canada.  Rather pathetic, but I'll travel all over someday... maybe. ;)
7. What is your favorite band/artist?
  I have many, though right now I like TobyMac, Lecrae, and Addison Road the best.  That is liable to change and rearrange at any time.  Oh yes!  And Fire flight.
8. What do you like to do when you are sick in bed?
  Blog, read, write, listen to music, and sleeeeep.
9. If you do your nails, what is your favorite nail polish brand? Color?
  I don't often do my nails, but I like Pure Ice because you can get it really cheap at Walmart.  (Yup, that's me)  I usually go for the iridescent colors, and not often pink.
10. What is your favorite movie soundtrack?
  Probably Pirates of the Caribbean.  I've never watched the movies, but the songs are sure good to work out to.  Exhilarating.
11. Do you like coffee or tea?
  I like coffee-flavored smoothies and pops, but not plain.  I love tea, as long as it doesn't have orange peel in it, and I drink it hot or cold all year long with a bit of stevia for sweetener.

My "Q"s to my 11 tagees:
1. Do you/have you had/have a job.  What is it, and what do you enjoy/disdain about it?
2. Approx. how much caffeine do you take in daily?
3. Do you believe God exists?  Why or why not?
4. What is the color of your favorite pair of shoes?
5. What is your middle name?
6. Have you ever dyed your hair? If so, how many times, what colors?
7. What country would you visit if the fare and stay were free?
8. How many countries have you visited?
9. What is your favorite book/movie genre?
10. What is/was your favorite and least favorite school subject?
11. Would you rather me never tag you again, or did you not mind ;) ?

Now to do the tagging! 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Man I can Respect - poem by me

The Man I Can Respect
a poem by Michaela Danielle <><
He does not turn his eyes to the right or the left
The LORD is in the center where his gaze is direct
He shows his love for his sisters in the way that he treats them
His thoughts toward them are pure and therefore his deeds are
The training that he values is to be a true man
That is to walk in the footsteps of Him with scars in His hands
He respects and listens to all of his elders
He has bought into wisdom and never will sell her
Daily in the Word and is constant in prayer
That is the sign of a godly growing man there
Keeping up the good company with his strong Christian friends
Though he has a passion for witnessing to lost men
“Go into all the world and preach the good news of Christ”
This is the cry of his mouth and the spark in his eyes
But how he conducts himself is really most of his ministry
For he lives in the knowledge that God sees his integrity
And then comes the modesty, chivalry, ability, no frivialty
Sold out for his God – that speaks volumes to me
Always checking in scriptures to reform his theology
Looking how the truth applies in life and reality
And if he loves something he will love God more
Wiping out the rivals that his heart will compete for
He is completely secure in his identity
Simply saying “only through His blood did He save me”
And really, I know he’s not perfect; sometimes he will sin
But none of us live life and get straight “A”s therein
But he’ll confess it again and receive all forgiveness
Own up to his guilt and then really turn from it
- This is the man I can put my respect in