Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Man I can Respect - poem by me

The Man I Can Respect
a poem by Michaela Danielle <><
He does not turn his eyes to the right or the left
The LORD is in the center where his gaze is direct
He shows his love for his sisters in the way that he treats them
His thoughts toward them are pure and therefore his deeds are
The training that he values is to be a true man
That is to walk in the footsteps of Him with scars in His hands
He respects and listens to all of his elders
He has bought into wisdom and never will sell her
Daily in the Word and is constant in prayer
That is the sign of a godly growing man there
Keeping up the good company with his strong Christian friends
Though he has a passion for witnessing to lost men
“Go into all the world and preach the good news of Christ”
This is the cry of his mouth and the spark in his eyes
But how he conducts himself is really most of his ministry
For he lives in the knowledge that God sees his integrity
And then comes the modesty, chivalry, ability, no frivialty
Sold out for his God – that speaks volumes to me
Always checking in scriptures to reform his theology
Looking how the truth applies in life and reality
And if he loves something he will love God more
Wiping out the rivals that his heart will compete for
He is completely secure in his identity
Simply saying “only through His blood did He save me”
And really, I know he’s not perfect; sometimes he will sin
But none of us live life and get straight “A”s therein
But he’ll confess it again and receive all forgiveness
Own up to his guilt and then really turn from it
- This is the man I can put my respect in


Tessa Rachel said...

This is wonderful, Miss Michaela! Thank you for sharing it really blessed me.

Michaela Danielle said...

You little sweety. ;)
I'm glad you liked it.
-M.D. <><