Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Stereotype" Album by Record Exchange

Just for fun, I've written some songs and compiled a few of them into an "album".  Stereotype, by Record Exchange.  No, I haven't recorded anything.  No Youtube vids yet, but it's just fun. :)
So, if you ever see my name and face on the front of a CD cover (ha ha, yeah right), you'll know what songs are on there.  By that time compact disks will be completely outdated and we will just upload things from our ipads to our brains and install URL ports above our ears to do so.  Quite a playlist. :D  Just playin' around.

  1. Stereotype
  2. I'll ask why
  3. This life
  4. Love letter
  5. If I had the world
  6. Blead
  7. Warm light (cold world)
  8. Harvest
  9. More than a day
  10. Enemy
  11. Security
  12. Procrastinator
  13. Chance to love

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