Saturday, February 18, 2012

"Voices Not Heard" - poem lamenting abortion

Voices Not Heard

- a sad poem written by Michaela Danielle in memory of those who never had the chance to speak  -
I have heard the silent voices
Rising from the deep
And have dreamed of the faces
Of the ones we’ll never see
In my heart I’ve felt the tears
Of the empty handed mothers
Who had heard it was a choice
And not the life of another

And if these dried up eyes should ever cry
If will be for the generation that has died
If life were a currency
We have spent or trillions
In this land of freedom
We have sacrificed our children

For every cry tonight
The arms of sound may never carry
I will try to say a prayer
Enough to fill a large library
For it truly breaks my heart
That the voice of the affected
Has been snuffed right out
And is passed on as a percentage

It is not the unmarked graves
Of our armies and our navies
But in garbage cans in alleys –
Oh Jesus, save our babies!

And if there is a place for God to shun
It is this nation crying out with blood

And I will never cease these praying words
Because of all the voices we’ve not heard

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