Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why I'm not on Face book

Everybody seems to be on Face book.  No, not everyone, because I'm not. (confounding confession, I know.)  Yes, I realize that Face book isn't evil, and in fact can be used for some pretty awesome ministry, but that doesn't keep me from razzing on it. :)  I know you're all still in shock from my past sentences, but may I proceed to give my legitimate reasons for abstaining from the cultural connection to the world.

1. It's a time vacuum.  Suck it right up. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, have you ever twiddled away to the wee hours of the morning checking statuses, chatting, and uploading pictures?  Don't tell me you haven't.  I spend enough time on this crazy blog.  I don't have enough self-control to go around.

2. It's a predator's hunting ground.  And we are all sitting ducks.  Never had a guy hit on you on Face book, girls?  You must not have any information posted, zero pictures, restricted viewing, and a gender-neutral overview.  A friend of ours is a sort of "web police" in the schools, per say.  He created a fake Face book page of that of a teen girl.  Within a couple of hours he had multiple pimps and pedophiles offering to meat with her.  Ick, yikes, and no-thanks!

3. People act stupid online.  The one place where non-existent grammer, page-long rantings, ridiculous flirting, an IQ of 2, pathetic relationships, "my-other-life" lies, and unchecked bragging is considered necessary and healthy for connecting with the outside world.  No more needs to be said.

4. It encourages fake friendships.  How many thousands of friends do you have on Face book?  How many dozen do you have in real life?  Aside from the fact that nobody really knows if any one person is telling the truth about themselves unless you know them in real life. (Yeah, I live in Madagascar, helped filmed the movie, am dating a Persian millionaire, and have flowing green hair. . . on Face book, perhaps.)  You know, if I even have to use the term "real life" to determine this from Face book, something might be a little off, do ya think?


Tessa Rachel said...

Excellent points, and probably all true. Though I am on Facebook ( and don't see a need to not be any time soon) it's always a good reminder to make sure to use my time on it in a wise and edifying way.
"Never had a guy hit on you on Face book, girls? You must not have any information posted, zero pictures, restricted viewing, and a gender-neutral overview." Well I have all of these (pictures, info, etc) and never have, so either I scare them away with said pictures.... or um, never mind... :)
Have a blessed day!

Michaela Danielle said...

Very true! I should have posted the other side of the argument. Didnt mean to razz you. :) Yes, Face book can be and is used to network christians, minister, and keep accountable. No, you just keep that Facebook page. :)
Oh, Tessa, youre just altogether too good for the "hitters". I guess I've just heard so many prolific stories. Abundant on there! But you've got your parents looking out for ya.
"or um, never mind", don't you even go there! Beautiful person, you.
Sincerely in Christ,
Michaela <><