Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Real people

Who in the world
looks likethat?!  easy
to fall in love
with her, I dare say.
For once, I'd like to see a normal person as the model on a book cover, and read about a main-character who isn't beautiful/handsome. 

See what I can do to plain ol' me using only PicniK?
As you can see, the no-makeup/no-fuss me is quite
different than the air-brushed me

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Working on another "album"

Still working on writing song lyrics for Drink, ye thirsty.  See how long it takes me to write 13 songs!... which will probably be forever ;)

My "band" is Record Exchange, my previous "album" was Stereotype.

This may shock you, but I don't know music in the way of any instrument, but I write.  Someday I'll get down that other essential part... someday.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Church outfit

Denim pencil skirt, sheer flowered blouse,
white undershirt, corral cloth belt, silver
flats, hair half-up, tri-color shell earings
(not visible)  Note: my mom's decorating in
the backround - spiffy!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Healthy blogging {article by Set Apart Girl Mag}

Eric and Leslie Ludy
It has bothered me for a while in the back of my head.  When a blog becomes grounds for false identity, or even an alternative to serving God, or a bypass.
 Checking out Leslie Ludy's free, online magazine for Christian girls, SetApartGirl, an article in the archives caught my eye.  "Top 10 Time Wasters, part 9 - unhealthy blogging." 
 "This auta' be great!" I thought to myself.  And, as always, Leslie delivered a pack and a punch in her precise, readable style that you can really listen to.
 Time-wasting, and unhealthy blogging included 5 points, including the very valid thought that the world-wide web isn't the best place for an intimate diary, or at least not for a girl. 

 1) All About Me blogging, 2) Fishing-for-a-guy blogging, 3) Blah blah blah blogging, 4) "fan club" blogging, and 5) Fake preacher blogging.

Top 10 Time Wasters - Part 5
 While it is geared for young ladies, most anyone can appreciate this article and glean much from it.  I see many people falling into the seemingly innocent traps, and feel the temptations myself.  It's so easy to want to brag, or focus on one's self more than other things.

 Click here to go to her most recent magazine (as of now), and head on over to page 9 to read the whole article.

Friday, March 2, 2012

New skiing experience ;D

Pretty much what I should have done
my first time down the hill
 Our home school group received a great package-deal at one of the best ski slopes in the state, this past Thursday.  Only 15 minutes from our home.  We jumped at the chance, and my sister, dad, and I packed a bucket-full of healthy snacks, and headed out at 9am bundled in double-layered socks, snow pants, hats, gloves, and many layers under our sweatshirts.  At least I did.  With my new, wild-printed, Burton's dri-ride snowboarding pants with a lime-green belt around the top (my personal addition :).
 This was my first time skiing, along with my younger sister.  Dad had gone over 10 years ago with my older brother, now moved out for many years.  But enough on our history.  We pulled up our pants, pulled down our hats, and trooped up the the desk.  Getting our ski boots on was an ordeal.  My calves are too round, so one of the employees there had to show me how to adjust the boots to actually buckle around my lower leg.  So much for looking cool.  From what would take place my first time down the green hill would make that sound like laughing matter.  (I did laugh, actually, at both of them). 
 A few years back on a winter retreat, I had taken some cross-country skiing lessons from a friend, so I took a second to recall how to walk and push.  First time on a ski lift.  A synch.  Didn't even put the safety guard down.  Up at the top, no problem.  I was feeling pretty good.  "Wow", I thought, that's a ways down, but we've got until 4:30pm, so I have time to get it straight."  I wobbled to the edge and took off.  The speed scared me, a bit, but I could take it.  Down, down, down, picking up millage.  Faster, faster, faster!  I'm at the bottom now, going across the snowy field.  "So, I slow down right about now, right?" I thought.  Uh, nope.  When I realized I was in trouble, a million things went through my head.  I had no idea how to stop, swerve, or fall.  So in a feeble attempt to get help I yelled out "how do you stop this thing!!!"  Ha.  Too late.  As I zoomed up to the chalet, I remember thinking, "OK, I'll be hitting soon, so I better turn my head so I don't smoosh my nose into my brain - put my shoulder in there a little bit because my skis won't stop me completely, and should I hit the brick wall or the glass door?" 
Didn't quite get this good
 I still don't know I was able to think all that, plus more, and why I didn't just lean to the side so I'd wipe out, but "hit" I did.  Thud!!!  The right side of my face is still a bit tender to the touch on my upper cheek and brow bone.  I got up from the ground so fast I didn't remember how I did it with my skis on.  How did I hit the building that hard when my skis went so far in front of me.  I'm fine with the hurt.  I've done worse than that, but the attention it drew stung.  Yes, thud-on-glass turned a few heads.  I'm over it now, but it was quite embarrassing.  Experiencing the inertia and density of matter. 
 One of the moms ran up and did what moms do.  "Ahh!  Oh my goodness!  What happened! I didn't recognize you until you got up and I saw half your face red.  Why didn't you stop?  Are you OK?  Are you sure?   Do you need some help?  Oh my goodness!"
 I guess you could say that was my first fall, though it hardly counts.  I was forced to fall.  It wasn't my fault. (ha ha).  I picked up some tips, went down half the bunny hill, and headed up the ski lift again.  Not because I was confident, nor competitive, but because I'm determined.  I was fine with not making it in one piece, I just wanted to be able to control where I ended up.
 Deep turns, swerve smooth, go slow, slowly.  Up and down I went. Not another wipe-out, but not all that graceful.  Went to the the class with all the 6-10 year olds and learned how to move correctly, shift weight, and keep my chin up.  Herringbone up, slide down. Up and down.  I must say I was the most improved skier in 5 hours.  That isn't flattery.  It's kind of sad considering where I came from.
 No, I didn't stay on the bunny hill all day.  I took the fast-lift up to the very top - 500 vertical ft. - and went to the bottom fine.  I did it at least 5 times, with frequent trips to the bunny hill to practice what I had done to make me fall, and this time get it right.  Well, I didn't really get it all right, but I was actually skiing right by 4 o'clock when I called it quits and rested my burning knees.
 Today, I am extremely sore, and have a small bruise covered by my eyebrows, but I've discovered that I love to ski!  Too bad, because I don't have enough money to keep going.  :)

Daddy and me

Plotting my next move

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Confession of a tight-wad shopaholic

Lavender loveliness
back view
 The picture you see to the right is a picture of the most expensive top I have purchased in probably the last 5 years.  It was $7.  I nearly broke into a sweat when I handed the cashier my debit card.  Yes, my debit card.  Who carries more than $5 cash around in their wallet?!  No, this is not my confession, though a prelude to it.  I'm a shopaholic.  I love to shop!  When I was little, I would get my little purse out when we went to town, and walked around looking very important (in my brain), and examined the prices on various items, finding just the right thing... and then proudly didn't buy it.  Sure, I wasted plenty of money on worthless toys and teeth-rotting candy, but I didn't like to spend money.  I still don't.  On an expedition to Joanne's craft and sewing mega-store with some friends, I spent no more than $12, and used three coupons to get it that way (they were mostly Christmas gifts for friends).  I have a closet, desk, and dresser chock full of clothes and shoes that I have accumulated since 1st grade (I've scrapped some of them and used the fabric) and have probably spent less on them that most high school girls with a decent wardrobe spend on apparel in one season.  I'm not a pack-rat, and I'm pretty organized, but I'm at odds with myself.  I go all out for Christmas and get something for everyone, but I'm still within budget.  I work a part-time job at a local health food and supplement store.  What's my problem? ;)
  My dear blog-friends, real and fake, I, Michaela Danielle am a tight-was shopaholic.
 It's true.   That's what I am.  I'm not a freak.  I can say "no". Many, many times I've walked out of a store empty handed with money in my pocket, even when I've seen many, many things I could justify purchasing.  Lately I've been buying less and giving more.  It's a psychological process, I guess.
 I'm making this whole thing very serious, aren't I?  Mostly for your humor.
 Anyone have my issues?  What do you think of my rubies and diamonds top?

The bow-and-button detail is probably my favorite part.