Thursday, March 1, 2012

Confession of a tight-wad shopaholic

Lavender loveliness
back view
 The picture you see to the right is a picture of the most expensive top I have purchased in probably the last 5 years.  It was $7.  I nearly broke into a sweat when I handed the cashier my debit card.  Yes, my debit card.  Who carries more than $5 cash around in their wallet?!  No, this is not my confession, though a prelude to it.  I'm a shopaholic.  I love to shop!  When I was little, I would get my little purse out when we went to town, and walked around looking very important (in my brain), and examined the prices on various items, finding just the right thing... and then proudly didn't buy it.  Sure, I wasted plenty of money on worthless toys and teeth-rotting candy, but I didn't like to spend money.  I still don't.  On an expedition to Joanne's craft and sewing mega-store with some friends, I spent no more than $12, and used three coupons to get it that way (they were mostly Christmas gifts for friends).  I have a closet, desk, and dresser chock full of clothes and shoes that I have accumulated since 1st grade (I've scrapped some of them and used the fabric) and have probably spent less on them that most high school girls with a decent wardrobe spend on apparel in one season.  I'm not a pack-rat, and I'm pretty organized, but I'm at odds with myself.  I go all out for Christmas and get something for everyone, but I'm still within budget.  I work a part-time job at a local health food and supplement store.  What's my problem? ;)
  My dear blog-friends, real and fake, I, Michaela Danielle am a tight-was shopaholic.
 It's true.   That's what I am.  I'm not a freak.  I can say "no". Many, many times I've walked out of a store empty handed with money in my pocket, even when I've seen many, many things I could justify purchasing.  Lately I've been buying less and giving more.  It's a psychological process, I guess.
 I'm making this whole thing very serious, aren't I?  Mostly for your humor.
 Anyone have my issues?  What do you think of my rubies and diamonds top?

The bow-and-button detail is probably my favorite part.

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