Monday, March 5, 2012

Healthy blogging {article by Set Apart Girl Mag}

Eric and Leslie Ludy
It has bothered me for a while in the back of my head.  When a blog becomes grounds for false identity, or even an alternative to serving God, or a bypass.
 Checking out Leslie Ludy's free, online magazine for Christian girls, SetApartGirl, an article in the archives caught my eye.  "Top 10 Time Wasters, part 9 - unhealthy blogging." 
 "This auta' be great!" I thought to myself.  And, as always, Leslie delivered a pack and a punch in her precise, readable style that you can really listen to.
 Time-wasting, and unhealthy blogging included 5 points, including the very valid thought that the world-wide web isn't the best place for an intimate diary, or at least not for a girl. 

 1) All About Me blogging, 2) Fishing-for-a-guy blogging, 3) Blah blah blah blogging, 4) "fan club" blogging, and 5) Fake preacher blogging.

Top 10 Time Wasters - Part 5
 While it is geared for young ladies, most anyone can appreciate this article and glean much from it.  I see many people falling into the seemingly innocent traps, and feel the temptations myself.  It's so easy to want to brag, or focus on one's self more than other things.

 Click here to go to her most recent magazine (as of now), and head on over to page 9 to read the whole article.

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Tessa Rachel said...

That article is fantastic!! I read it a few days ago and it brings up some great points and things to keep in mind when traversing the great blogging world!

Have a lovely day!