Saturday, April 7, 2012

Confessions of a Book Nerd

  I decided to go cold turkey and only spend money on books (and tithing, of course) this month, aside from the cash in my pocket.  I had a few bucks in my wallet, and gained a few more from baby-sitting for a small Bible study.  This I use to buy local kombucha tea, and organic herbs (the health nut in me).  My whole monthly allowance for April and May (my allowance, not my income) went to splurge on That wonderful place will never lose this customer... unless I'm some day penniless.
  I went through the long lists of the volumes and authors I had been dreaming about reading at CBD's web store, checking the "add to cart" spot by every book I drooled over.  Note: this is highly unusual!  If you have read my previous confession of a tight-wad, you know this is simply not done. I work a part-time job in retail.  I must have been temporarily insane.  But no, says I, because I now admit to being a bonafide Book Nerd.  The evolution of Survival stories and Boxcar Children Mysteries when small to Systematic Theology, and Cooking for your Blood Type.  
  I must say, that I didn't get nearly all that I would have desired to.  I checked my cart and, after seeing a skyscraper total plus shipping, painfully deleted over half of its contents.  Then I did what I had been itching to do for a long time - clicked the PayPal button in the checkout and accepted... my order was confirmed!  As if that wasn't thrilling enough, a great big box came by delivery (slowest shipping offered on the site - its cheaper).  After I had walked home from work at 5pm, I opened my bedroom door to hang up my purse and put away my shoes.  Ah! My joy and surprise knew no end!  I opened the taped box with my bare hands in no time flat (no joke) and surrounded myself with heaven-on-earth... a sea of books!  My newest earthly treasures include, but are not limited to, The End of Reason, The Truth About Islam, The Case for Easter, Strong's Bible Dictionary, and 5 of C.S Lewis' greatest works.
  Weird?  Maybe.

(There's my future husband in the suspenders - only I could attract such a stud ;D )

1 Chronicles 1:10
"Give me wisdom and knowledge..."

Exodus 31:3 & 31
"and I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with ability and intelligence, with knowledge and all craftsmanship."

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