Thursday, April 19, 2012

My room

Tissue paper flowers and some storage space. Part of my desk on the right.  The beginning of my bed to the left

In this view you can see pretty much the whole wall.  The door to the left, jewelry holder hanging on the wall; dresser behind my bed with he mirror, and the beginning of the armor on the far right.

Ceiling view.  Just in case you were wondering what my ceiling fan looked like. ;)

My little end table with my beauty supplies. Lotion, comb, hair clips, nail polish, mascara, etc.  Most I don't even use. :)

My dresser. A homemade junk-holder (duct tape :) and a picture frame.

 Mirror.  I have prayer reminders for some of the missionaries our church supports, plus some pictures and decoration on top.

The top of my armor.  Inside I keep sewing and craft supplies.  Here you can see my very old but functioning CD player/radio, and my CDs.

My bed.  I never really sleep with it made, so the fitted sheet is on, but the comforter is folded up in between my pillows and yet another stack of books.  As you can see, I have a lot of books.  I LOVE books!  Some are stashed away under my bed in bins, and elsewhere.  My Bible in the red case, and a piece of poster paper for a project.  Widow above the bed there.

I hang my bags, totes, and purses on the door.  It just seems to be the thing to do. :)  My sister gave me the beautiful purple jewelry hanger and the pink "M" purse.  Dear girl.  <3

Right now I sleep on the pull-out couch in the basement, as the foster baby sleeps in my room.  Dad is working on a room for me in the basement.  My sister and I alternate the basement accommodations.

Desk, widow, and my sewing machine.  Right now I'm turning a tank top into a vest. You can see the garage roof in the back yard.

 What I didn't show you was my closet door.  I had taken a picture, but I guess hadn't downloaded it. It has a "PRAY" poster from Voice of the Martyrs, and some colorful paper lanterns strung across the top frame.
 I decorated this room about four years ago, so it is a little childish, although I do really like color.  What colors should I paint my upcoming room? I'm thinking white and a soft plum purple.  A little more grown up - not so bright and sunny.

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