Thursday, April 12, 2012

Scaling new heights... and witnessing

Since last Tuesday, I've been going rock climbing with a group of friends, including many foreign exchange students from the Philippines - new friends.  Pseudo rock climbing, some may say, as we're on a climbing wall inside a large gym, but there are some pretty challenging courses!  My personal best came last night, as I shimmied up to where the rocks were built out of the wall, making a slant to climb up over.
 I used to think I was a dud at sports... frankly I am, but it depends what sports your looking at.  Basket ball, volley ball, swimming strokes, croquet... I'm terrible at those!  Kick boxing, rock climbing, cross-country running, hiking... not so bad!  Endurance vs. agility.   Attempted (key word is attempt) to advance upon once of the hardest ones there, just for laughs if nothing else, and am pretty sure at this point I'm just not strong enough.  But, I'll keep on practicing. Yes, I had several simulated falls, but I tried and tried again. :)  Thank heaven for patient ballayors.  (I butchered the spelling on that word - it's French, so it's probably "balleters", but that makes me think of pink tutus :s)  Finding things that you enjoy, work your body, and to do them with people who can put up with you.  It is so fun getting to know international students!  First priority is remembering names - Yella, Jin, Sandar, Erli, Arven...  Next, they teach you their language.  I love learning new words in different tongues, but I must say I can't remember them now.  All except one, that is.  Masama!  That means "you are evil".  (Yeah, how evangelical :D)  One thing that is prevelant in young people in all cultures, I believe, is sarcastic joking.  We have plenty of that!  Sarcastically joking in another dialect is even more fun.
 Just sitting and talking and lauging and praying.  What could be better?  Oh yes, and sarcastic joking. :/    "Ha!" said one particularily fun girl, watching one of the guys lowered quickly to the ground.  "I like to watch you fall; I like to watch your big body fall!"  To which he replied "Masama!"  We had plenty of that.  Josh learned how to say "you are sooo humble", to combat Yella's rather vocal proclaimation of her wall-scaling victories.  This isn't just a fun time to work out, joke around, and make new friends, it is a time to share God's love, too.  They are not so different from you and I, and they need to see that...  it is only Jesus who bridges the gap between us and God.  The relationship is probably the number one thing the Holy Spirit uses when God's children evangelize.  And really, what is it that we are called to do here on this earth?  We arent called to bash a Bible over one's head, or to separate ourselves fromt the outside world, but to love as Christ loved.  Love is our mission.  Love makes us tell other's of Jesus; love prods us to live righteously, not to mention make people wonder "what in the world are those Christians all about!?"  And, yes, love calls some of us to go rock climbing, though it takes quite a toll on one's muscles!  My arms are falling off.  I can just imagine someone asking me "Michaela, how did you get so toned?"  I very well would be able to truethfully answer them, "Oh, just doing a little bit of evangelism works wonders for the figure."  
Very uncomfortable and tight -
but climbing is easier in them

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Tessa Rachel said...

Great post, Michaela! I really enjoyed reading it.

"Oh, just doing a little bit of evangelism works wonders for the figure." And do rock climbing shoes count as "suffering for Christ" (I'm just kidding) : )

Have a lovely Day!

In Him,Tessa