Sunday, May 27, 2012

Christian t-shirt sale alert

I only went to Forever21 for their sales and cheap prices, and not for their general appearance.  I was pleasantly surprised to find Bible verses on about 5 of their shirts, though the models were suggestive enough even with the good news. (I'll never understand that!)
 For $7.99, you can sport a flowing tee with messages about heaven, God's love, and blessings. Link is here.
Do to others as you would
have them do to you - Luke
More Blessed to give than
to receive - Acts 20:35b

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My future is...

 What is there to look forward to in life?  Yeah, there's all that uncertainty, but almost more than that is possibility... just the perspective you look at it in. 
 So where am I in this mass of possibility (or uncertainty, however you wish to put it)?  Well, as a 17-year-old living at home, finishing home school/high school this summer, working more hours, pursuing interests in online courses, learning to be a homemaker, helping with 3 foster siblings (ages 1,2, a innd 4), and involved in ministry, Bible-studies, art, cooking, research, etc... I find there are a lot more things to add with the prospective big one eight (18).
 And thats after school-year responsibilies.  Co-teaching an after-school club in the public elementary school, a creditted Bible theology class, more school, and Youth Group.
 The things I'm interested in?  Healthy & Nutrition, writing, art, science, psychology, polotics, fashion, ministry, communication, fitness, education, foreign culture, and language.  Now... what would be practical to "go" to college for?  Some I can rule out, like polotics and language and education.  I can learn all the languages available without taking a college course, and though I love teaching, I'm not going to be a "teacher", as well as nothing in me wanting to be a politition. Art wouldnt be a practical occupation, either. I can go on a missions trip to get "cultured", I can work out locally, read up on creative communication, learn from mentors in the community, and on and on. Also, I don't need to go to college, either, unless I want to be a certified nurse, or something of the like.  It used to matter if you had a degree or not in order to get a good job, but now there are Einsteins working at Wal-mart and McDonalds. 
 So out of these, what am I planning on... so far?  Finish up two last subjects in school, probably in July or August of 2012, upping my work schedule to nearly full-time, learning Greek, taking online courses for writing and Health & Nutrition, getting my driver's liscense at 18 in the fall (insurance is less expensive after 18), involve myself some more avid ministry in a tourist town in the area that has a lot of foreign exchange students, centerin around a coffee house missions and church.  And take on more responsibilities at home, preparing to be a good housewife should a wise opportunity come my way. :)  
 All these plans could come crashing down and turn to another path I would never have concidered.  But, thats life, and I am convinced that those things can, do, and will happen in some way for the good of those who love God, and who walk in His purpose.  So what next...?

 My future is... where my guide leads me.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

God is not dead! - link

Blogger isn't working well with Youtube embedding codes lately.

I love this song!!!! They did a great job with the music video, too.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More outfits and a modest swimming suit

Black tank top, multi-stripedtank top, slate-grey
 yoga skirt, black sandals

Same thing, hair down

These gladiator style sandals arefunny... but comfortable.

{I did special effects on this one via PicMonkey}
Blue and white nautical flowered V-neck, white tank top underneath, chocolate-brown slacks, blue and silver hoop earrings, red painted toenails, brown flip-flops (not shown)

A closer look at the earrings.

$25 dollars at Walmart, if you can believe it!  I hardly ever spend over $5 on a single article of clothing, but this was different...

It looks a little skimpy in the picture, but it is much longer than it looks, and covers real well. One piece, goes to upper thigh, doesn't go down real far in the back, but  I might just put a pink panel of fabric in the "v", though it doesn't show anything.


I really like the little fabric rose there.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

A tribute to my parents

Out of 4,000 foster families in our state, 8 were chosen to stand with the first lady at our capitol and receive a reward for exceptional foster parenting.  We've only been fosters for about a year, and my parents made it happen.  A reporter from our town's newspaper came and interviewed us, and our mugs were glued to the front page today.  The thing is, I'm not a bit surprised my parents were chosen to be honored.  They are such a blessing to many, many people!  What the newspaper article left out was that they are outstanding because they strive to give God glory in all that they do.  A lot of people to make a positive difference in the world, but few people have the Son of God as their role model. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Makeup tutorial

I'm not sure if this is really a makeup tutorial, but I'll call it that.  Simply an easy way to get a nice, natural look without too much fuss and money.

 Not the best picture - web cam took it - but you can see the basics.  Just have my hair back in a messy bun.

 So what I did first, was I took some Physician Formula Youthful Wear concealer {yellow + light} under my eyes. (This particular product has two options - a yellow cream to take away redness, and a skin-colored one to cover up and blend.  I only used the cover-up)
 Then I simply used the Physician's Formula talc-free creamy finishing powder {creamy ivory} to brush around my face and even everything out. (comes with a kabuki brush!)
 I put a little of E.L.F. studio blush {fuchsia fusion} on my cheeks and above my eyes for a pink glow.
 Just a bit of Hard Candy Stay in Line eyeliner {black magic} around the outer corners of my eyes, gradually tapering off nearing the center. (Gives the Taylor Swift eye look, in a way)
 My favorite mascara is Maybelline Falsies because of the feathery look and volume it gives.  Just pretty.
 The only thing I'm wearing on my lips is regular lip balm (untinted, just for the moisture) because my lips tend to be rather pink-ish anyway, but I do like Eco-Tint natural tinted lip balm {Rose Quartz}.  It would go very well with this look.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sink me! I'm...

I find this quite interesting...  :)

Take the quiz and get sunk...

recent crafts and art

Homemade magazine bracelet


Wall-hanging shoe caddy

Acrylic painting of Michelangelo's famous sculpture

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Summer fashion from Old Navy

This summer is all about sun and surf.  This includes nautical stripes, floral frenzies, comfortable fits, surfin' tees, and popping retro colors.  Fun!  While it is very hard sometimes to find modest summer clothes that don't smother you, I pulled several from Old Navy's site that anyone can wear and love.

Dresses -
The perfect summer color - corral.
Any neutral or gold shades will go
well as accessories or jackets.
You may want to wear a white tee
or tank underneath.

Florals are in and this is hot!
In a good way. A decidedly
feminine charm that summer
temperatures can complete.
Go for soft blue and purple
jewelry or eyeshadow. You
may want to wear brown legg-
ings underneath.

White sandals and a colored
tank top underneath and this is
ready for wherever you are. So
comfortable and beautiful, the
maxi dress is a keeper.
(Hint: a big brown tote/beach
bag would be great wit this!)

Accessories -
Simple and chic, a pare of sunglasses
pulls your summer accessories
together and gives you a confident,
sophisticated air - guess who!

Meet mint - the color of the season.
Refreshing and cool, it sets off cool
and warm tones alike. It likes white,
purples, and oranges.

Reminds me of a quaint wicker fence
in the cat tails, misted by the salty surf.
Slip on your wrist with any casual out-
fit to complete the modern-vintage
summer look.
(Hint: would go well with the corral
sun dress near the top of this post!)

Suave and [faux] leather; a smooth
look to grab on the way to the beach.
Big enough to keep a wallet, some
accessories, and a bottle of sunscreen,
but small enough to look neat and
compact in a soothing navy blue.

We all love flip-flops, but sometimes
we need something more than that.
The shiny woven t-straps are more
professional, and displays a
sensational texture.
Make any outfit pop with a light scarf.
For this one, I'm envisioning some
pink sweat pant cutoffs with a white
tee, a tousled bun, and wild gladiator
sandals. Too easy!

Wedges can be the most comfortable
of all heels, and the hemp braids make
this 2012-worthy.  The canvas buckle-
strap plays down the fancy, and gives
an irresistibly casual feel.

Tops -

I love this breezy cardigan! A
deep ocean blue can simply set
off a tan with a white shirt under-
neath.  The gauzy crochetted
material is so lovely and easy
to wear.

"Flutter sleeves". If you've ever want-
ed to be a butterfly, this is your chance.
But if you want to go a little more
rugged, a neutral or dark color with a
simple and modest scoop neck will do
(Hint: this also can hide less-than-
toned arms, while still giving a nice

Horizontal stripes? You betcha'! This
three-quarter sleeved shirt is pretty in
violet, and is still thin enough to keep
you cool.  Great with jeans and
sandals, make sure you wear a cami
or white top underneath.

The good ol' t-shirt! There are so
many choices I found it hard to
choose only one, but I thought the
little slit in the top of this made it
unique, and still modest.  America
loves the tee, and you'll love this

You should have at least one active-
wear top in your summer wardrobe.
Something quality to make sure you
feel your best when romping in the
hot rays.  But I have a secret for you -
this is not just a cute sports top!
What Old Navy may not tell you is
that this can double very nicely as
a swimsuit top!  I use work-out
clothes most of my swimming time
because they are cheaper, cuter,
available, and much more modest.
Catch a wave!

Ah, yellow.  The color of the sun.
I like the simple and complimentary
detail on the top - very slimming.
(Hint: yellow and blue are made for
each other! Pare them as much as

Bottoms -

Skinny jeans don't always have to
be immodest. Right now I'm raving
about colorful pants, and mint is
a great color for this summer!
Just make sure its not too tight -
a comfortable fit will also help to
beat the heat.

A light, patterned skirt can do
volumes to your summer collection!
Its hard not to adore this retro skirt
in yellow, wear with a white and
pink top with cute white sandals
and a hand bag.  This can go any-
This may be too short if you have
long legs.

When your crisp dark jeans get
too warm for practical use, you
don't have to give up the look!
These can be everyday capris, or
worn with a more dressy top in
the evening with some wedge
heels.  A staple.
Kacki is a basic addition to a fun
summer - this is the closest I found
in skirt-form on Old Navy, but I think
the ruffles add so much.  When its
hard to find a skirt long enough in
stores nowadays, its refreshing to
find something cute like this.  Breath
easy! Your covered!