Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More outfits and a modest swimming suit

Black tank top, multi-stripedtank top, slate-grey
 yoga skirt, black sandals

Same thing, hair down

These gladiator style sandals arefunny... but comfortable.

{I did special effects on this one via PicMonkey}
Blue and white nautical flowered V-neck, white tank top underneath, chocolate-brown slacks, blue and silver hoop earrings, red painted toenails, brown flip-flops (not shown)

A closer look at the earrings.

$25 dollars at Walmart, if you can believe it!  I hardly ever spend over $5 on a single article of clothing, but this was different...

It looks a little skimpy in the picture, but it is much longer than it looks, and covers real well. One piece, goes to upper thigh, doesn't go down real far in the back, but  I might just put a pink panel of fabric in the "v", though it doesn't show anything.


I really like the little fabric rose there.

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