Saturday, May 26, 2012

My future is...

 What is there to look forward to in life?  Yeah, there's all that uncertainty, but almost more than that is possibility... just the perspective you look at it in. 
 So where am I in this mass of possibility (or uncertainty, however you wish to put it)?  Well, as a 17-year-old living at home, finishing home school/high school this summer, working more hours, pursuing interests in online courses, learning to be a homemaker, helping with 3 foster siblings (ages 1,2, a innd 4), and involved in ministry, Bible-studies, art, cooking, research, etc... I find there are a lot more things to add with the prospective big one eight (18).
 And thats after school-year responsibilies.  Co-teaching an after-school club in the public elementary school, a creditted Bible theology class, more school, and Youth Group.
 The things I'm interested in?  Healthy & Nutrition, writing, art, science, psychology, polotics, fashion, ministry, communication, fitness, education, foreign culture, and language.  Now... what would be practical to "go" to college for?  Some I can rule out, like polotics and language and education.  I can learn all the languages available without taking a college course, and though I love teaching, I'm not going to be a "teacher", as well as nothing in me wanting to be a politition. Art wouldnt be a practical occupation, either. I can go on a missions trip to get "cultured", I can work out locally, read up on creative communication, learn from mentors in the community, and on and on. Also, I don't need to go to college, either, unless I want to be a certified nurse, or something of the like.  It used to matter if you had a degree or not in order to get a good job, but now there are Einsteins working at Wal-mart and McDonalds. 
 So out of these, what am I planning on... so far?  Finish up two last subjects in school, probably in July or August of 2012, upping my work schedule to nearly full-time, learning Greek, taking online courses for writing and Health & Nutrition, getting my driver's liscense at 18 in the fall (insurance is less expensive after 18), involve myself some more avid ministry in a tourist town in the area that has a lot of foreign exchange students, centerin around a coffee house missions and church.  And take on more responsibilities at home, preparing to be a good housewife should a wise opportunity come my way. :)  
 All these plans could come crashing down and turn to another path I would never have concidered.  But, thats life, and I am convinced that those things can, do, and will happen in some way for the good of those who love God, and who walk in His purpose.  So what next...?

 My future is... where my guide leads me.

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