Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Case of Common Need

Many people make the argument that Christianity just “isn’t for them;” that it may be fine for you, but they are different. If you’re a goody-two-shoes, Christianity “fits” you, or if you have found relief from alcoholism by knowing Jesus it “works” for you, but I would counteract these claims with that at our core we are really not very different at all. Compare it, if you will, to the human body. Basically, it is the same in everyone, and it functions according to the same basic patterns, yet you look at a healthy body verses an unhealthy body, or the many body shapes, and see minor differences, though sometimes significant. One may benefit from jogging and another may injure his spine doing so, because they are different. Yet you would agree it would be ludicrous to say that one has a spine and the other does not; that Dick needs to take care of his bones and Jane does not, or that healthy exercise is only good for the select.
Comparing the spiritual or moral to the physical is a tactic used by poets, teachers, and philosophers, found in great works such as Aesop’s fables and the Bible. I find it especially helpful to me, since I am in the physical health line of work. For example: If two people were to come into the shop where I work and each say to me, “I have IBS! Please help; what should I do?” I may take a different approach to each customer, but very easily recommend the same product. I would ask, “are you dairy intolerant? Do you have celiac disease? Maybe you should be tested for that. Do you smoke? What is your diet like? Is your blood type A, B, or O?” I guarantee each would be different. But would I say to one “take probiotics and enzymes,” and to the other “take senna and psyllium husk?” No! So it is with the spiritual nature of the whole human race. God will meet us wherever we are at, as long as we have a humble and willing heart before Him.

To the weak He is their stronghold; to the strong He is their Captain.

To the fatherless He is their defender; to the wicked man His is their judge and prosecutor.

He is our adventure and brute answer; the First and the Last; the Lion and the Lamb. He is constant and unchanging, and His mercies are new every morning.

These are not contradictions, nor differences in interpretation – this is a glimpse into God’s vastness.

Does He sound like a narrow and stuffy, religious God to you? We all have a problem, and He is the answer; the cure.

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