Monday, June 11, 2012

More modest at the beach

I like to look on the JCPenney website, because they have such an abundance of clothing at such good sale prices. While looking at a skirt, I saw a one-piece swimsuit on the sidebar.  Realizing that there were actually several cute, modest (or at least more modest than usual) swimsuits for really great prices, I had to post it!

St. John's Bay, Slimming One, $50

Trimshaper, $50

Longitude, Robby Len, $42

Longitude, Robby Len, $42

Longitude, $50
Le Cove, $50

Bisou Bisou mix-n-match tankini $25

Le Cove, $42

Bisou Bisou mix-n-match tankini $25

If you have trouble with the length of your swimming suit, there are several options to help you.
Liz Claiborne terry skirt, $20

Arizona, running shorts $10

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