Monday, October 8, 2012

Poem by MJ - Need


By Michaela, 2012

 I think we all know that we’re looking for something-
Like, “sweet dreams are made of these…”
For goodness sake, he’s traveled the world and seven seas-
Do you disagree?
That “everyone is looking for something” in their heart
No man is an island, though some think they are

Yeah, I spent years of my life trying to prove-
With every move-
I didn’t need anyone and was stronger than that
All the while craving and longer for their respect
I was so completely convinced-
Believing this-
That I was confused on why I was inconsistent
I convinced some, but the rest weren’t listening

We all want to be valuable, irreplaceable-
The cry is insatiable-
Truth is that we’re fallen and needy
And no matter what we do
We’re not free, really
We have deceived ourselves-
Which tells-
That we are running away from the truth
But the answer to peace is Jesus in you

“Whoa, back up, you’re getting all religious-
Like you’re trying to sell me on this ‘God thing’
I’ll tell you now it’s not working”
Why?  Does it not connect with what you feel?
Doesn’t seem real?
How many times has your heart fooled you?
Told you something was right, then dumped you?

Ever wonder why we confuse “want” with “need?”
Can’t we see?
We exchange our deepest need for distractions
Well, fire is coming and two things are lasting
The souls of men and the will of God-
Believe it or not
Since I know this I would trade anything
To find true life in the land of the dying

This is why I just wanted to let you know-
Without a show-
That I am weak, and a corpse of the dead
If I had no Jesus to be my head
“Oh, sure,” you say. “The weak find comfort in this
Delusional twist.
 “A product of your mind to help you cope
While the fittest survive and thrive like us folks.”

Sir, Ma’am, I’ll ask you to listen this once-
Just one confront-
I’m not looking for an altar-walk or “Hallelujah”
But I must introduce my best friend to ya’
You’ve been trained to hear “Jesus this” or “Jesus that”
As a red flag
Let me adjust your view from the said, above
His blood is red and His banner is love

Raise your hand if you can relate-
In any way-
Has your heart been broken; filled but empty?
Raise the other if you don’t know life’s meaning
I didn’t pick Christianity because I liked it-
Because it fit-
I didn’t settle for that because it made me feel good
Or simply for meeting criteria I thought it should

I chose God because He first chose me-
And honestly-
To this day I don’t know why I’ve received
Why would I invent such a humbling theme?
Where I am damned by my own doing-
Lowly and stupid-
Evil beyond understanding and self-destructing
Then beyond this realm Jesus makes me something

Sometimes, I think, we feel entitled-
Like idols-
To reject what we don’t like even if it’s true
Whoever said we have the right to?
Well, I’m defrauding the wonder of humanity
I mean, really?!
We think we’re great because we’re blind to greatness
You can’t see color when your glasses are tainted

Our screen of life has been played 2-D
In front row seats
The theater? Our concept of a universe, wider
Because we haven’t acknowledged the Screen-Writer
The story-line is moving but void of depth-
On every set-
Critiquing the actors while we hide
For the lack of a satisfactory movie study guide

Hanging on the words of the face on the screen-
Soaking it in-
Like these relationships with film nurture us
Ignoring the seats filled with family around us
Our focus is dull and our vision is blurry-
Voices slurry-
Spending our savings on popcorn and cotton candy
Laughing at claims there’s a feast in the pantry

“This is what there is to life,” they say-
Munching away-
“The work of fools is to converse with the chef
When a guilt-free meal is to your left
You speak of living water, wine, and bread-
What a spread!
Only a lunatic would reach for more
When there’s plenty of sawdust on the floor.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my bouts-
Raging doubts-
Why would I eat the food I should
When sugar-coating tastes so good?
My diet-plan? Made by me, for me-
Believe me-
Invest in the wind and you’ll share in a hurricane
Your self-built castles in sand will not save

I have concern for you, brother, chasing after sequins-
Are they genuine?
I don’t mean to preach, but where will you be?
In heaven or hell for eternity?
I care about you too much to let you pass-
From life to that-
Without just trying to make you see
That there is something you desperately need!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Research Essay finished - finally!!!

Ah, I've spent way longer on this than I'd anticipated, but it is D.O.N.E!  Check it out here.