Monday, January 14, 2013

Fool - lyrics written by me


Lyrics written by Michaela Danielle

Verse 1-
A fool
That's what they call me
Because of You
Because of believing what I can't see
You can't be proved
But all the evidence points toward You
Is a worthy calling
To become a fool
In the eyes of the dying
And I am moved
When You touch me I know You're true!

For the sake of truth
I will become a fool
Believing comes at the end of me
Fo the sake of... You
I will give my knowledge too
You created all things;
I'm still learning
For the sake of You, You the truth
I will be a "fool"

Verse 2-
I know
These thoughts in my head
When I say "no"
And am doubting things that You said
They say I've gone mad
For believing in some "Jesus man"
All of my plans
Tossed to and fro
Until I run back into Your hands
Where have I been?
Chasing after things that others said


Are all things earthly
Where wisdom is
Is where they're not seeing
God lives!
All of me for this thing
Because of the truth I see
I am counted as foolish

Verse 4-
I use
Gifts You give me
In serving You
And not to further me
Giving up my dreams
And living for the least of these
It's true
It looks confusing
These things I do
Make it look like I'm just stupid
But I know things
That make the future look heavenly
If I'm a "fool"


"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose." - Jim Elliot

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