Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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Friday, February 22, 2013

The way my God works!

I don't often feel down in the dumps, but tonight I did. I did, but not really any more. I got home to an empty house and just sat down real tired and went on facebook. I hadn't prayed much today, and just let out a little peep to God. I told Him I loved Him, and that I was in need of some peace.  I turned on Pandora, and out of all the songs I've liked, the first two were just what I needed. To show you what an amazing God I have, these are the songs: "You Lead" by Jamie Grace, and "Life me Up" by The Afters. Look them up!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Contemplating a hair cut

Just some images of what I'm concidering

 I had a very bad hair cut experience when I was 8 or 9, so I've been growing my hair out ever since then.  Concidering I'm over 18, it's had some time to grow, and is now probably 2 feet long, easily (That is "touching tailbone" length).  I wear a lot of pony tails and buns, and like to have a french braid when I can con my mom or sister into spending the time to do it, but wearing it completely down has become a harrowing option for me. I don't like spending lots of time on myself in the morning, so I brush my hair nicely and make sure it isn't a mess, but that is pretty much all.  I rarely spend more than 10 minutes on it. But it has become harder and harder to mantain, and being the girl I am, I've decided that will simply not do.
 So what do all of you blog friends think? I like the long, classic look, but even concidered chopping it off completely into a bob.
 The thing is, my hair is very fine, and therefore doesn't have a lot of volume. I'm hoping that cutting it will  lighten things up, because not it's so heavy, but if I don't use product and style it, I'd end up looking like a wet rat most of the time.
 I look better with bangs, and I've experimented with them, but like the side-sweep.  Not too long, not too short = easy to mantain.
 I'm sure I have pictues of me on this blog, so you know what I look like. Advice please!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Day Outfit [a little bit late]

  • Wine Red polka-dotted flowy top - $1.50 [thrift shop]
  • White camosol - $5 [Walmart]
  • Moss Green tailored jacket - $3 [thrift shop]
  • Dark wash straight cut jeans - $3.50 [thrift shop]
  • Embroidered ballet flats - $10 [gift]
  • Gold hoop earrings - $1.50 [thrift shop]


Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Outfit - vest and boots for winter

What I'm wearing
  • Black on white striped long sleeved top (sister clothing swap)
  • Teel athletic-style vest ($2.50 thrift store)
  • Light grey yoga-style skirt, just below knee ($1.50 thrift store)
  • Black leggings ($5 Walmart)
  • Light pink "suede" boots, mid-calve ($4.50 thrift store)
  • Hot pink monogrammed purse (birthday gift from sister)
 Hair up in a twisted bun that took less than a minute, and I'm ready to go run some errands on a beautiful, snowy, winter day.  I'm not wearing any makeup, so this outfit is the complete feminine casual, and was oh-so-comfortable.
 I made a Polyvore outfit much like the one I'm wearing, which I'll try and bring up here sometime.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A toxic enviroment? Where?!

How does one decide which environments
are better or worse than others?
A friend and I were talking during the Superbowl half-time (which I shut off) about schooling.  I was home schooled, he was not, and he knew several of the teens and young adults in the facility were also of my academic background. He apparently had a bad experience through his public schooled years, which I'm sure not all agree with, but still went on and on about how "toxic" the "environment" was.  Sure, I can agree that there are many cons to the American school system, and the peer pressure and drama, not to mention bullying and gangs, are an ever-present and ever-converting threat.  But while I agree with his sentiment that a group of secular adolescents all competing to be the most stupid, and who gets the most facebook friends or the cutest boyfriend/girlfriend, I would say that he omitted the toxicity of the environment outside the schools. I have nothing personal against public schools, and I wish to make that very clear. They can be an agent in raising some very healthy and intelligent people. But I cannot help but think of why one would rail on against the loose morals of the schools when they could not be persuaded to change the channel during the half-time performance (Beyonce).  How is that any less toxic?  Especially because the game was projected onto a wall, and therefore her swaying image was life-size in a dark room.  I ask again, how is that any less toxic? I ended up pushing the power button because I was sick of it.  And to bring up another "toxic" subject, what about the middle-schoolers gathered on the corner-couch, playing MASH and seeing how far physical interaction could go before adult intervention was required.  Don't even get me started on pornography, substance abuse, most TV shows and commericals, unhealthy music, ungodly or useless conversation, violent video games, etc. etc. etc.  Anything against the heart of God is toxic, and He is the antidote.  That doesn't mean we have to become hermits, hiding ourselves away from the evils of this world, for the former monk Martin Luther realized that evil comes from the inside; evil is in the heart of mankind!  All toxicity comes from inside of us, our sin and evil desires.  Therefore, we do go into the world. As Christians, we go into this toxic world, relying on God to cleanse us, and to help us resist temptation (aka. toxicity).
 Anyway, I'm sorry about my rant.  I'm tired of people dissing an activity or person, then turning around and doing something just as bad. I know, I'm guilty of hypocrisy too, and I'm not trying to down anyone else for doing that.  It is just another part of human nature! But please, look inward before pointing fingers. "Toxicity" is just how this world works, but we need to look at the perfect example of Jesus Christ.

"Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with its passions and desires." Galatians 5:24

 "And you may be sure that your sin will find you out." Numbers 32:23

"And the secrets of his heart will be laid bare." 1 Corinthians 14:25

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Girls, let someone else save them

 It's a trend... or perhaps it's more of a tendency that is generally accepted in the 21st century.  "The good girl can stoop down and pull the bad boy into the light." The only thing is, that it doesn't work that way.  We cannot go into the mud without getting dirty, and those who are already covered in dirt may not mind having someone new to teach their ways.  Sure, the girl thinks she's converting him, but who has the real sway in the matter?
 While at the movie theater to view The Hobbit, (which I'd recommend seeing,) I had to sit through many trailers and previews that I always either hate for their worldly content or laugh at for their sheer stupidity.  One of those was a post-apocalypse zombie movie called Warm Bodies.  I was utterly disgusted!  An "undead" brain-eater falls for a human girl for no apparent reason, and when they form a "relationship" her life brings his heart back to beating.  In essence, she brings him back to life, and in turn saves the whole community of those poor old shivering, shambling, lifeless zombies.  After all, they can't help that they eat people, right? Oh dear, this is most disturbing. This culture has been giving the message through magazines, movies, articles, and even video games that sometimes it takes a virgin heroine to make a player into an irresistible hero.  Good grief, the guy doesn't even have to be alive anymore!
 So which will it be? A sad story of yet another naive, sympathetic girl wasting her time and love on someone who will use her, and whisper whatever he knows she wants to hear gently in her ear before leaving her for someone just as stupid... or the story of the little lady who was taught a few things, and helped a lonely man into the way of life, saving the world in the process?  We all want to be optimistic. After all, the "good side" always wins in the end, right? Well, I hate to break it to ya, but that isn't the way it wins.  The light-bearers always have the option of snuffing out their little candle.
 I really truly believe that every girl wants to see her femininity and goodness save the ragamuffin.  This, I believe, is how we are wired - to help our man! But there are good ways and bad ways to do that, and one mustn't give up their self-respect.  The feminist movement isn't fooling me. As much as women may want to feel independent and above men, we are created to be a "help-meet," as the Bible calls it.  We want to fix, support, and help our man, and when we see a man in need, we just might want to help him.  It is a tendency that goes way back. Ever read or watched Jane Eyre?  Miss Eyre, the secluded, quiet, virgin orphan, who grew up in a strict orphanage expecting complete submission and religion, comes to work as a governess.  But a governess for the lustful Mr. Rochester, who, lets just say, has been around the block a couple of times. In fact, he's been all around Europe, and now has a little girl of questionable origin in his castle-of-a-home, needing an education.  But Mr Rochester has secrets, and when one in his castle tower comes to light - after he's secured the affections of little Jane - he pleads her to accept him regardless.  She wants to. Oh! How she wants to! But unlike the "heroic" ladies in contemporary novels, Jane makes the right decision. She says "no," even though it breaks her heart.  But, you see, she is made of more stuff than most any women running around the hotels in London.  And as for Rochester, well, he comes to his due reward, and ends up much like the infamous player Samson, disfigured of his charm, and unable to see what so easily entangled him.  He is helpless and poor, and at the mercy of "little virgin Jane."  A strange twist that is rather fitting, I'd wager.  But never mind the spoiler ending, the point is in Jane's decision.  You see, she knows who she is, and therefore knows what she is above. She can see through her lover's wily charm which disarmed so many, even though I'm sure he liked her very much.  She could not change him; he would only change her.
"ONLY God can warm
a cold heart"
 I'm not saying that a good girl can have absolutely no positive effect on the opposite. But there is a right way and a wrong way to do that.  Frankly, I think the best way is to leave them to themselves, and pray for them.  You cannot change anyone... only God can warm a cold heart.  But God does use a pure example to guide his lost children to the light.  Pure, not snobbish; but pure, not compromising. God tells us specifically not to let evil overcome good, but to overcome evil with good.  He also commands us not to be unequally yoked, and to flee from temptation.
 So, in conclusion, why all this confusion?! Why don't people realize this? Warm Bodies, the movie, is expected to be tops in the box office, and has glowing reviews most everywhere (check out www.pluggedin.com if you want a review from a more Christian worldview).
Well, I think it all boils down to this: This world is corrupted. It has been ever since the very first man and women thought they knew better than God and disobeyed Him. Everything good and honorable that God designed has been twisted and corrupted.  Yes, He offers redemption, thank the blood of Jesus, but Satan is still the prince of this world. Women were never intended to be weak, and men were never meant to abuse; neither were women designed to be dominant, nor men to be stupid.  Yes, we are to help others. Yes, we are to show the light, but for Pete's sake, ladies, let someone else save them!
"No one is more attractive to a lady than a rogue redeemed." - Father Brown, (British Mystery TV Series)
"How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word."  - Psalm 119:9
"do not take part in the sins of others; keep yourself pure." - 1 Timothy 5:22

Friday, February 1, 2013

before and after: edited picture

 I find it incredible how a little bit of editing can make such a huge difference!  This is a picture I took the summer of 2012. Hmm, if the lady (me) on the left can be transformed into something similar to what is on the right, which still isn't very spectacular, I'd wager almost every ad for clothes and makeup are edited also.  Just something to think about.