Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Outfit - vest and boots for winter

What I'm wearing
  • Black on white striped long sleeved top (sister clothing swap)
  • Teel athletic-style vest ($2.50 thrift store)
  • Light grey yoga-style skirt, just below knee ($1.50 thrift store)
  • Black leggings ($5 Walmart)
  • Light pink "suede" boots, mid-calve ($4.50 thrift store)
  • Hot pink monogrammed purse (birthday gift from sister)
 Hair up in a twisted bun that took less than a minute, and I'm ready to go run some errands on a beautiful, snowy, winter day.  I'm not wearing any makeup, so this outfit is the complete feminine casual, and was oh-so-comfortable.
 I made a Polyvore outfit much like the one I'm wearing, which I'll try and bring up here sometime.

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