Monday, March 11, 2013

I have a home (lyrics by me)

Home by Michaela Danielle

I have come a long, long way
These roads are strange, I cannot stay
But I know what I’m looking for
Yes, I know where I’m going

Times are good and times are bad
These are not goals I should have
Something is brighter up ahead
There are better things in store

Chorus -
I’d give everything I have for this
Your Kingdom beating in my heart
I pray your will be done on earth
As it is up there, how great Thou art
My home, my feet, my love, my life
Wherever you would have me go
And I would sing your mercies great
O blessed assurance, I’ve a home

I’m despised by all the world
Those who’ve made this land their home
They don’t know they’re missing out
They see us as fools

Anything that they secure
Will dissolve; will not endure
I have crowns store up for me
And they are not eroding

Oh, oh, home

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