Saturday, March 2, 2013

Skin Care and Makeup

  1. Earth Science Makeup Remover
  2. Thunder Ridge Emu Oil
  3. Physicians Formula 2-in-1 Concealer
  4. Physicians Formula talc-free liquid foundation
  5. Physicians Formula talc-free mineral foundation
  6. Almay icolor for blue eyes (discontinued!)
  7. Maybelline Falsies mascara
 I don't wear all this makeup every day. In fact, I usually don't wear makeup, but when I do, this is it.  I haven't found a black eye liner that I like, and I don't like much dark around my eyes, so I probably won't find one anytime soon. 
 Physicians Formula is a great, high-quality line, but more expensive than your regular drug-store cosmetics. I use makeup so little, and accumulate makeup as I have time and money, that I can justify it, and I'm very happy with their products, though I've only tried a few.  I have lots of freckles, and I like that the foundations don't completely block those out, but only even out my skin, and cover up the blemishes. Great foundations!
 As you can see, my hair is naturally very dark, my skin is very fair, and my eyes are a hazel.  Why am I using Almay's icolor for blue eyes?! Well, I guess I just like the faint, shimmery grey and iridescent white-ish grey.  I put a dab of the medium grey at the outer corners of my eyelids, and the lighter grey in the center and as a brow shimmer right under the arches.  Brown makes me look washed out, but I still sometimes use that in the summer when I have more natural color from being outside more.  I really don't use a blush very often, as I have a red undertone, and get warm and flushed easily (warm-blooded).
 I absolutely cannot go without emu oil for more than a few days. My skin is dry, and this is what works the best!  I use it on my face and body, and a little bit goes a long way.
 Earth Science chamomile green tea makeup remover is a liquid cleanser that is great for sensitive skin. Very gentle, but gets even the thickest, oiliest stage makeup off (I'm in theater).

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