Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spending cuts and an agenda?

It's no lie -- he likes to spend!
 President Barack Obama says the spending cuts will hurt us. (Isn't it the spending that he said hurt us... during Bush's administration) So he's cutting back on already increased spending.  Look, we're still spending more than we were last year... and we were broke last year.  I know, sometimes one must spend money to save money -- I understand that because I work in retail, and I have very budget-conscious parents. 
 Lets apply this to a family setting: dad makes money, and mom goes to the store in order to get what the family needs.  She may spend more on a $15, 25lb bag of flour rather than a $5, 8lb bag because it is the better deal, and she is a smart buyer.  She may even buy treats as a stimulus to encourage her kids to develop a good work ethic.  We look at that and say "Smart!"  But if she takes her hubby's credit card and goes on a spending spree because the budget plan doesn't seem to apply to her anymore, and she really just needed a "change," we say "Ludicrous!"
 I understand that I don't have a comprehensive knowledge of the political world, but why doesn't this make sense to other people?!?!  One can only spend more money than one has for so long, and then they must deal with the consequences.  America is not something to gamble with!
Some things are obvious

 And another thing I'd like to share my opinion on: the hubbub of Conspiracy Theories that are freaking everyone out, and going as far as dividing churches.  As "bad" as Barack may be, Christians are doing exactly what Satan wants them to if it inhibits them from coming together in the body of Christ, and taints the gospel.  God calls us to be His followers first, and after that anything else, whether that be a government agent or a stay-at-home mom.
 With that said, I'll try and make sense of some of this without making this post as long as the stream of red ink flowing out of the white house.
 Firstly, everybody has a personal agenda.  A salesperson's is to sell, a father's is to parent, a trainer's is to train, and a teacher's is to teach.  But it goes much deeper than that -- why does a teacher teach? Aside from the fact that it's their job, of course. Something drew them to that career, something is keeping them there, and something causes them to teach the way they do.
 Why do I work in a health and supplement store? Because I'm interested in health after a sickness that almost killed me. Why do I share my knowledge and time with others who come in looking for help? Because God showed me just how precious life is. This may be very different than what a co worker's motivation is, but nonetheless, here we are. We all have an agenda, and that isn't a bad fact!
 Taking a look at Barak's past. Raised and mentored by radical America-haters with no father to father him. That's why he does some of the things he does.  No, I'm not saying that he hates America. One can only speculate, and I'll leave the judging of a man's heart to God Himself. But when one looks at a person as a person, they see that we need to side with, not against humanity. Barak needs prayer, as the Bible commands us to do for those whom He's placed in authority over us.  The point is not to look for faults.  If you look hard enough into my life and focus on every on of my misdemeanors, ignoring all my good, you could write up a very convincing article on how I'm the anti-Christ.  I'm not telling anyone to side with me, and I'm not telling anyone to side with our currant President. I'm saying that one cannot close their eyes. We should fight against injustice and sin, not people.  We can fight against everything that Mr. Obama stands up for - abortion, gay marriage, etc - but not against him.

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