Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The winds of change

 It sure has been windy in our little Northern town! (aside from some snow storms that hill-dwellers don't find uncommon) And damp, and chilly, and altogether spring-like!  That's the thing -- change can be good, even if it's unpleasant.  I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to spring. In fact, I'm looking forward to a lot of things.  I'm looking forward to school (yes school!) next year, hopefully. I'm looking forward to getting my real driver's licence.  I'm looking forward to getting more hours at work and gaining experience. I'm looking forward to getting a change in hair style. I'm looking forward to unpacking my skirts, t-shirts, sandals, and capris. I'm looking forward to making new goals at the gym and getting stronger.  I'm looking forward to planting my garden soon, and trying to can fruits and veggies for the winter months. I'm looking forward to camping at a local state park in my little pup tent, and helping out our church's Camp-out Ministry.  I'm looking forward to being a better person.
 But one must remember that, while life changes without our helping it, we must not expect things to come to us simply because we feel they should.  Yes, one can hardly help but get taller and stronger from birth to adulthood, but nobody can sit back and expect to turn into a sports champion.  While life will teach us things by our simply being alive and living, we cannot expect to be wise and informed if we make no effort to be so. 
 The last month or two have been slow. I love winter, as I was born and raised in it, but apathy creeps into the most cheerful and active of households.  But as I feel the cold winds blowing, and the sun shine brighter, I'm filled with a new passion - one might call it "spring fever." I prefer to call it to "awe of God's creation," and attribute more of it to a good God rather than a season.  I look around and breathe in the air... ahhhh!
 I do expect I'll change quite a bit this spring/summer of 2013 -- a Christian active in their creator can hardly grow stale -- but I pray that I wouldn't change just for the sake of changing; that everything I invest in the future would also be an investment in eternity.

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