Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thrifted! (plus my outfit)

One my wall -
Light green paint
Compassion International PRAY poster (free after donation)
 Bible reading chart
Sunset/rise Calendar (Christmas gift from Grandma)
Old records of hymns (local thrift shop - $3)
My bed -
Reversible bedspread and shams (local thrift shop - $12)
Light green sheet set - (Walmart $10)
Various throw pillows (accumulated here and there)
Purple clip-on lamp (Walmart - $10)

That's what I get for buying my lamp at Walmart - the
clip broke, so not it just lies on my bed

Clothes -
Purple plaid button up - $3.50
Bonus! The original tags were still on, and it was initially $30!

White top - $2

Denim, three-quarter sleeves button up - $3
My outfit -

What I'm wearing -
White and grey layering tops (Walmart - $1.50)
Black dress pants (local thrift shop - $3.50)
Pink converse shoes (local thrift shop - $5)
Colorful, floral scarf (local thrift shop - $.50)

Simple, easy, and classy

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