Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Voyage of the Dawn Treader Illustration

 I'm not sure what possessed me to draw this particular scene from the book, but I did, and it didn't turn out too badly. There are mistakes (like Eustace's head being far too large!) but I was fairly pleased with the rest of it.  I took a picture of this with my little camera, so it is rather blurry and angled oddly.
 Trying to capture the essence of each person's character, I drew Lucy first, knowing that she'd be scared and unsure. A little girl being sold into what kind of slavery unknown! 
 Then there was the ringleader... a rough but proud man, with probably little physical attractiveness, but still a sort of superior air compared to his conrads.  He reminds me of Vizinni in Princess Bride, but in a more serious way.
 His companions are misfits, and I tried to capture much diversity in them, while still remembering that they are notorious criminals who capture and sell people for a living. In hind-sight, I think I made them look too silly.
 Prince Caspian is, after all, a prince, and amidst his taste for adventure, he feels responsible and stupid for letting little Lucy and the sulky guest be in this position.  He is ashamed, but not afraid for himself. He's thinking of how much he's let everyone down, including the Seven Lords they are searching for. I messed up on him quite a bit, as you can tell. (Looks like he's wearing UGG boots!)
 Eustace was tricky, and I'm afraid he looks rather out of place, but that was the point.  He looked so sulky (his nickname) that nobody would buy him, even at half off! Now that has to be one ugly mug! He feels this is all his cousin's fault, he despises everything about this new place, and even though it doesn't seem like it, he is afraid and confused, and knows he's useless and a burden.
 Last but not least, it is Repacheep! He is a very proud fellow, and his stony expression (really, how does one draw an expression on a giant mouse's face?!) is his shame and indignance.  He is stripped and sold, and certainly not taken seriously. His very sword is confiscated and they are probably pulling his tail to watch him react!!

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