Monday, April 1, 2013

Poem/Lyrics Snippets by me

"Goodness hurts"

I feel redemption running hard through my veins
I feel the grace of growing pains
Rather painfully I draw in my first breath
Reality hurts but is essential for health

I see forgiveness looking straight through me
Light is blinding but I'm learning to see
I feel healing digging up my past
I am loved and I know it at last

"Incredible God"

No, you never change
I see you every day
You just show me different facets of Your grace

But I change daily
That's how you made me
You have everything that I could ever need

You are fire and justice
You are mercy and lovin'
Everything perfect rolled up in one, and

I just fall down
8 feet under ground
That You love me is confusing and profound

What can I say?
I need peace today
Tomorrow Your adventures will take my breath away

You are the Alpha
Your the Omega
You are God no matter how I change-up

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