Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring @ Old Navy

Even though I'm a tight-wad, I like looking at the styles around the web when a new season is approaching. And one of my favorite places to look is Old Navy, because of their great looks, reasonable prices, and generally modest cuts.  These are a few of my favorite finds for dresses.


The pretty eyelet design makes me
think "Spring!"

Even though I prefer a longer
hem-line, this would be wonderful
with some skinny jeans

This is more like a top, but I
wouldn't mind it with some white
capris. Its silky appeal looks so

I love everything about this dress:
from the divide in the pattern, to
the pattern and colors chosen.

A simple maxi dress out of
jersey. I'm envisioning sandals, a
belt, denim jacket and chunky
necklace and bracelets

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