Thursday, May 30, 2013

My sister made me a shirt! (outfit pictures)

What I'm wearing:
  • Green tank top ($3 Walmart)
  • White cowel-neck sleeveless top (my sister sewed it!)
  • Straight-leg jeans ($3.50 Local thrift shop)
  • Blue sandals (hand-me-down)
  • Retro-striped purse (not shown, $5 Walmart)
  • Colorful faux-feather hair clip (gift from friend)
  • "Bronze" hoop earrings and "gold" stud in cartilage (local thrift shop)
Grr. Not sure why Blogger flips these pictures.

Isn't my sister talented? You should see the back!


Sarah McChops said...

SO cute! I'm a thrift store lover myself and i send a cyber high five to these uber cute deals! :D

Michaela Danielle said...

Thank you so much Sarah! I love deals and modest style too. Thanks for stopping by. :)
-Michaela Danielle <><

Kalyn said...

Love this !

You are so pretty dear friend!