Tuesday, June 25, 2013

6 Great Product Reviews in 2013


 I always look for quality products to report back to all of you, and I've come up with 6 of the best (so far) this year. Click on the link to check prices and more information, but make sure to check your local shops or health food store to see what your town can give you!

1. Aura Cacia organic essential oils, Yoga Mist Motivate, sweet orange & lavendin

 You don't have to do yoga to appreciate this delicious an delicate scent made out of high-quality organic essential oils. Your nose is the quickest and perhaps the most accurate sense you have, and Aura Cacia has developed a spray for your home and body to stimulate good health and mood. Spritz it on wherever and whenever. I promise it's contagious!

2. Steaz sparkling green tea, zero calorie raspberry

 You've heard about the abundant health-benefits of green tea, and you've also heard to stay away from energy drinks laden with sugar or artificial sweetener. Sparkling green tea is naturally carbonated and sweetened with stevia leaf, infused with a to-die-for natural flavors, and when chilled is the perfect refresher on a hot day, or special treat anytime. The best part? It's all-natural and zero-calorie!

3. Vega ONE nutritional shake, berry

 Everyone wants more nutrition, but nobody wants to take all the pills associated with it. If only there were a delicious shake! Vega ONE has 50% of your daily plant-based vitamins and minerals, greens, live probiotics, antioxidants, and omega-3s. Complete your supplement with 15grams of protein and 6grams of naturally occurring fiber. Gluten-free and vegan, Vega was formulated by a triathaloner and iron man who couldn't find a nutritional line good enough for him... so he made his own.

4. Kiss My Face whitening blanchissant, gentle mint

 A good toothpaste can go a lot way, but sometimes you need a little boost to give your smile that extra shine. This blanching gel is in a base of soothing aloe vera, and contains natural minerals and dentist-approved xylitol. My mouth and teeth were left feeling - and looking - squeaky clean and sparkling. Non-abrasive, it is safe and gentle on your enamel, but is effective enough that it doesn't need to replace your regular toothpaste.

5. Alaffia Authentic African black soap, peppermint

 Indigenously made in West Africa, this authentic black soap is gentle enough for baby's skin (choose unscented), cleansing enough for acne trouble, and moisturizing enough for a dry face. Incredibly clean ingredients and scented with essential oils, it's a great choice for anyone! Fair Trade ensures sustainability for the natives, and a clean conscious - and body - for you.

6. LesserEvil chia crisps, crunchy dill pickle

 Whoever thought of fusing one of America's favorite condiments with America's favorite snack was a genius. Whoever thought of making a crunchy, delicious chip out of chia seeds and black beans is even smarter! I must admit, I was skeptical when I saw the packaging and ingredients. Chia Crisps? Turns out our store sold out the first week, and we couldn't keep refilling the sample bowl. With naturally occurring fiber and protein, there's nothing I can say against this snack! Unless, of course, you count not being able to stop eating then a con.

 So there you have it - 6 product reviews straight from the horse's mouth.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Classy, sassy, and comfortable (outfit pics)

What I'm wearing-
  • Red fitted t-shirt (hand-me-down)
  • Grey & white patterned skirt ($3.50, thrift shop)
  • Black bow flats (sister's)
  • Black zipper earrings ($3 set, Wal-mart)
  • crystal cross earring, in cartilage (Christmas gift)
  • half-up hair
  • Makeup: foundation, mascara, minimal black eye-liner, red-tinted lip balm (Burt's Bees)

 When you think of "classy," you probably think of black, then grey and white, and maybe a splash of red or burgundy. What I've done today is made a casual and fun outfit with these classy colors. What do I call it? Classy and sassy! The best thing about this is that it's comfortable!
 Do you think I did right, or should I keep this color scheme to a more sophisticated outfit?

Blogger needs to get with the program ;) I can't get pictures right-side up

I'm not exactly sure what pattern this is, but I like it!

Classic black flats with a cute bow. There I go again,
mixing genres!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Simple and Natural (Outfit Pictures)

What I'm wearing:
  • Basic teel t-shirt ($1.50 thrift shop)
  • Tan kacki pants ($4 '')
  • Multi-color sandals ($3 '')
  • "Brass" hoop earrings ($2 '')
  • Multi-color wooden bead necklace ($1.50 '')
  • Pink purse (gift from sister)
  • Braided hair
  • Minimal makeup (foundation, brown eyeliner)

 Another example of how a very simple and solid outfit can be dressed up with shoes, jewelry, purses, or hair style. I contemplated wearing an off-white sweater-vest left un-buttoned, but the day was too warm, and I was already wearing an apron at work for several hours.
The angle was a little funny, so it looks like my
head is really big compared to my legs. Yeah...
looks pretty silly!

Never mind the fridge in the background,
this picture is of my jewelry

Warm, earth tones don't look right with my complexion,
so I like accessories or shoes with those color hues.

What is Human?


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"The Tale of Two Scopes" short story by me

The Tale of Two Scopes

By Michaela Danielle

 I found myself standing alone on a beach, which stretched out on either side like an infinite scroll. The waves rolled in without a sound, and the landscape had no color, but dressed itself in every variation of grey.

 A viewings scope stood to my left, staring out over the ocean like an old, lonely seaman, beckoning to tell you a story of past times. A time through the lens only required a nickel, which I had, and as I pressed my forehead against the top of the machine and cupped my hands around the sides, a scene came into focus. Birds, beasts, plants, and people, all perfectly adorned and in full season, paraded before me. The colors were so stunning and awesome that I had to squint my eyes, lest I drink it in too quickly. But hungry they were, for when the show soon ended, I found myself dropping another coin into the slot and turning the crank handle to see it again. The episodes I watched until my mind was spinning and my pockets empty of change. The sheer delight of it all reached its fingers into my very being. But the more sensuality I saw, the more it ran in circles - the same actors, dressed in different costumes; the same backdrops, painted layer after layer. Oh, how disheartening when I realized how little that planet had to offer. The colors were brilliant, but showed chipping paint or peeling tape when turned. The illusion was masterful, but each prop was designed to create depth that did not exist.

 Left with memories of cheap reality, I nearly walked off along the water’s edge. It was then that I saw another viewing scope, small and nearly undetectable; hand-held with no post.

 “What is the use,” thought I, “as I have nothing left to feed it.” But still I went to it, and saw the looking fee was well over the amount I had had in the first place. A despair entered into me, much like withdrawal exits, and I lay upon the sand, cold and dead around me, and wept heaving, soundless moans.

 But a box appeared beside me, and curiosity bade me to open it. Inside laid the exact amount with a note reading “paid in full.” One by one, I fed the bills into the machine, and held the scope to my eye. For a moment, all I saw was red, but what followed took the breath from me; a scene so beautiful it enveloped me. I am sure it would be impossible to imagine any flower open wider, any sound so visible, or any smile more genuine. Though not as bright and flashy, the colors seemed to emanate their own light, stretching across a prism full-circle, revealing worlds of colors and hues not yet discovered in our universe. Rivers upon hills upon valleys upon mountains reached out in every direction, and even the rocks breathed in the air.

 It felt like an eternity I spent gazing into this place until a Voice rumbled from all around me. The wind drove me to my knees, doubled up underneath myself. The ground trembled as if in rage and the sand sifted into cracks beneath the surface, bubbling like the sea. The sky blacked out like a curtain dropped in front of a prison window and the void ate up any sense of direction. I covered my face with my hands and my hair! But the voice was not in any of these phenomenons. It whispered into my ear.

 “My child,” said He. “You are blessed, for not many are granted the chance to see the true nature of life. Go now and choose wisely, knowing that I am only found in one of them.”

Thursday, June 6, 2013

"New" song written by Michaela Danielle

 I know, it is rather late to write a song based on New Years, but any time is a good time for a new
(Just for the record, I did write this, and even though it isn't good enough for any of you to want to claim it, I do have to say it: don't copy this under your name!)


by Michaela Danielle

 Verse 1:
I went to sleep at 1am
Alone on my friend’s couch, I’m
Recalling how the ball dropped
January first is hot

Only things I had last night
Were chips, dip, and Crystal Light
My friends probably had fun
After all that’s how they run

Wiping off mascara smears
Looking back across the year
Have I changed at all, though?
As I’m trudging back through snow

Sky is much more grey than blue
And it will be tomorrow, too
As it was just yesterday
Seems all I do is sweat and pray

This New Year is nothing new
Troubled me and troubled you
I understand psychology
But will the hype change all of me?

I dunno what you’ve been told
But I am only feeling old
Not even catastrophe
Could birth a heart inside of me

But You make all things new
And it’s not by what I do
Now I have one revolution
That You would be seen in me
You’ve made me a work of art
And there’s a fire in my heart
Your business is revival
I can see You changing me
You are making 2D real
Won’t depend on what I feel
This extends past death and time
I lay me down bring me to life
You have made me new!

Verse 2:
Ev’ry season comes and goes
Ev’ry season buy new clothes
Bigger, better, brighter, new
Find a special someone, too

That is not what satisfies
You have all been eating lies
Ev’rybody has a hole
As you “fill” it watch it grow

There is not a certain day
That changes you up right away
Something that my momma said
Is everything will burn or bend

Only one thing makes you new
And it is not a pill you chew
Money, riches, fame, looks
Learning fades away with books

Only one thing that you need
Can’t be found in Twitter feed
Jesus said that “blessed be
Those who trust but cannot see”

He nailed Himself upon a cross
He took up our pain and loss
“Forgive them LORD, they’re ignorant
I’ll give My life so they repent!”

All that I have known is what my flesh has shown me
And all I see is darkness in the morning
What can break the barrier from death to life?
It is only through the blood of Christ!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Before it was cool (Alice in wonderland)

I'm not sure why I love the newest make on Alice in wonderland so much, but I just had to make a hipster joke out of it!