Tuesday, June 25, 2013

6 Great Product Reviews in 2013


 I always look for quality products to report back to all of you, and I've come up with 6 of the best (so far) this year. Click on the link to check prices and more information, but make sure to check your local shops or health food store to see what your town can give you!

1. Aura Cacia organic essential oils, Yoga Mist Motivate, sweet orange & lavendin

 You don't have to do yoga to appreciate this delicious an delicate scent made out of high-quality organic essential oils. Your nose is the quickest and perhaps the most accurate sense you have, and Aura Cacia has developed a spray for your home and body to stimulate good health and mood. Spritz it on wherever and whenever. I promise it's contagious!

2. Steaz sparkling green tea, zero calorie raspberry

 You've heard about the abundant health-benefits of green tea, and you've also heard to stay away from energy drinks laden with sugar or artificial sweetener. Sparkling green tea is naturally carbonated and sweetened with stevia leaf, infused with a to-die-for natural flavors, and when chilled is the perfect refresher on a hot day, or special treat anytime. The best part? It's all-natural and zero-calorie!

3. Vega ONE nutritional shake, berry

 Everyone wants more nutrition, but nobody wants to take all the pills associated with it. If only there were a delicious shake! Vega ONE has 50% of your daily plant-based vitamins and minerals, greens, live probiotics, antioxidants, and omega-3s. Complete your supplement with 15grams of protein and 6grams of naturally occurring fiber. Gluten-free and vegan, Vega was formulated by a triathaloner and iron man who couldn't find a nutritional line good enough for him... so he made his own.

4. Kiss My Face whitening blanchissant, gentle mint

 A good toothpaste can go a lot way, but sometimes you need a little boost to give your smile that extra shine. This blanching gel is in a base of soothing aloe vera, and contains natural minerals and dentist-approved xylitol. My mouth and teeth were left feeling - and looking - squeaky clean and sparkling. Non-abrasive, it is safe and gentle on your enamel, but is effective enough that it doesn't need to replace your regular toothpaste.

5. Alaffia Authentic African black soap, peppermint

 Indigenously made in West Africa, this authentic black soap is gentle enough for baby's skin (choose unscented), cleansing enough for acne trouble, and moisturizing enough for a dry face. Incredibly clean ingredients and scented with essential oils, it's a great choice for anyone! Fair Trade ensures sustainability for the natives, and a clean conscious - and body - for you.

6. LesserEvil chia crisps, crunchy dill pickle

 Whoever thought of fusing one of America's favorite condiments with America's favorite snack was a genius. Whoever thought of making a crunchy, delicious chip out of chia seeds and black beans is even smarter! I must admit, I was skeptical when I saw the packaging and ingredients. Chia Crisps? Turns out our store sold out the first week, and we couldn't keep refilling the sample bowl. With naturally occurring fiber and protein, there's nothing I can say against this snack! Unless, of course, you count not being able to stop eating then a con.

 So there you have it - 6 product reviews straight from the horse's mouth.

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