Thursday, June 6, 2013

"New" song written by Michaela Danielle

 I know, it is rather late to write a song based on New Years, but any time is a good time for a new
(Just for the record, I did write this, and even though it isn't good enough for any of you to want to claim it, I do have to say it: don't copy this under your name!)


by Michaela Danielle

 Verse 1:
I went to sleep at 1am
Alone on my friend’s couch, I’m
Recalling how the ball dropped
January first is hot

Only things I had last night
Were chips, dip, and Crystal Light
My friends probably had fun
After all that’s how they run

Wiping off mascara smears
Looking back across the year
Have I changed at all, though?
As I’m trudging back through snow

Sky is much more grey than blue
And it will be tomorrow, too
As it was just yesterday
Seems all I do is sweat and pray

This New Year is nothing new
Troubled me and troubled you
I understand psychology
But will the hype change all of me?

I dunno what you’ve been told
But I am only feeling old
Not even catastrophe
Could birth a heart inside of me

But You make all things new
And it’s not by what I do
Now I have one revolution
That You would be seen in me
You’ve made me a work of art
And there’s a fire in my heart
Your business is revival
I can see You changing me
You are making 2D real
Won’t depend on what I feel
This extends past death and time
I lay me down bring me to life
You have made me new!

Verse 2:
Ev’ry season comes and goes
Ev’ry season buy new clothes
Bigger, better, brighter, new
Find a special someone, too

That is not what satisfies
You have all been eating lies
Ev’rybody has a hole
As you “fill” it watch it grow

There is not a certain day
That changes you up right away
Something that my momma said
Is everything will burn or bend

Only one thing makes you new
And it is not a pill you chew
Money, riches, fame, looks
Learning fades away with books

Only one thing that you need
Can’t be found in Twitter feed
Jesus said that “blessed be
Those who trust but cannot see”

He nailed Himself upon a cross
He took up our pain and loss
“Forgive them LORD, they’re ignorant
I’ll give My life so they repent!”

All that I have known is what my flesh has shown me
And all I see is darkness in the morning
What can break the barrier from death to life?
It is only through the blood of Christ!

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