Friday, June 14, 2013

Simple and Natural (Outfit Pictures)

What I'm wearing:
  • Basic teel t-shirt ($1.50 thrift shop)
  • Tan kacki pants ($4 '')
  • Multi-color sandals ($3 '')
  • "Brass" hoop earrings ($2 '')
  • Multi-color wooden bead necklace ($1.50 '')
  • Pink purse (gift from sister)
  • Braided hair
  • Minimal makeup (foundation, brown eyeliner)

 Another example of how a very simple and solid outfit can be dressed up with shoes, jewelry, purses, or hair style. I contemplated wearing an off-white sweater-vest left un-buttoned, but the day was too warm, and I was already wearing an apron at work for several hours.
The angle was a little funny, so it looks like my
head is really big compared to my legs. Yeah...
looks pretty silly!

Never mind the fridge in the background,
this picture is of my jewelry

Warm, earth tones don't look right with my complexion,
so I like accessories or shoes with those color hues.

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