Sunday, August 11, 2013

Big Sister! (and outfit pictures)

My three "newest" siblings! We fostered them for about a year and a half, and recently the adoption was finalized!
From left to right: Tabitha Kate (2), William Andrew (5), and Janessa Karis (3).
Tabby's full name means "graceful, kind, and generous." Janessa's means "precious gift from God," and Will's means "strong protector."
Pray that God would bless them with a heart to know and love Him, and that our family would be able to provide every possible benefit to help them learn and grow.
I became an elder sister at two years old when my sister was born. Now at eighteen I am a big sis of four! What a blessing!
Here are the kids all dressed for church on Sunday morning.
What I'm wearing:
- blue knit top
- brown/white floral skirt
- brown sequined wedge heels
- blue heart earrings (not visible in picture)
- hair: half back
- makeup: foundation, highlighter, navy blue eyeliner and mascara

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