Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hilarious names for paint colors!

These are a few of my favorite funny names for paint colors! Wall Paint and Nail Polish names can be hilarious! And to think people are paid to come up with these names... Tell me, do you think any of these names got them fired?
What I did here is tried to redeem the color names from my very own imagination. (Yes, some of them are meant to be humorous and ironic, also.) The original name will be to the left, and my name will be in green to the right. Tell me what you think, and what funny titles you've seen.

Out-of-the-blue and random:

Adopt a dog - Toupee
Big Foot's Delight - Natural Selection
Alice in Freezeland - Early Frost
Very Expensive Wool - Grandpa's sweater
In Your House - Girl Next Door
Certain Frogs - Catching Tadpoles
Ask Google - Techie Boyfriend
Not a banana! - Fruit Bowl
Midgets Hate Farts - Epiphany
Another Lie of Rat - Scoundrel

Names that make me never want to eat again:

American Teeth - Pearly Whites
Don't Eat the Snow - Chandelier
Dead Beetle - Garden Loam
Watermelon Guts - Pink Frost
Wasabi KitKat - Mint Chip Ice Cream
Allergic to Lobster - Lipstick Stain
Purge - Happy Thoughts
Milky Blood - Sunset Inspiration
Alien Fart Mist - Wicked-Cool

Names that would gross me out if I knew I painted my wall that color:

Flu - Porch Swing
Creep - Bunny Slippers
Go and Buy a Soul - In Love
Monster in My House - Avocado
Cute but Psycho - Polka-Dotted Hair Bow
Oh, That's Just Blood... - From the Depth of my Heart

At least spell it right!

Curiouser and Curiouser - Show me Your Heart
Blomb - Bloom


Totally out of creativity:

Some Kind of Mint - After-Dinner Mint
White-ish - Whicker Rocker
Another Grey - Burnt to a Crisp
Um... - Tickled Pink
Orange (The Fruit) - Autumn Joy
Try Not to Look - Wrapping Presents


Completely NOT that color the name described:

Coffee (describing a lime green) - Poison Ivy
Black Velvet (medium purple) - Ripe Plumb
Puppy Orange (yellow/white) - Colonial Pantry
Anna Banana (electric blue) - Sky Diving
Cornered by Blues (deep black) - Velvet Mocha

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