Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Protein Powder Reviews

Nearly any Supermarket you walk in to will have some type of concentrated protein, usually in the form of a powder, shake, or bars. The reasons abound for getting plenty of protein, and it's the satisfying factor in our diet. But not many people take the time to look at the ingredients, or if they do scan the small-print, do they know what words like "isolated whey" or "sucralose" or "ribose" mean. But little does the protein-sucking-public know is that even "100% pure whey" does NOT insure quality. Growth hormones and low-grade milk abound! Even vegetarian protein powders can be laden with GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms). So where can you look to get a protein mix that isn't murky with questionable ingredients? I've compiled a short list here that many health stores stock, or might be interested in carrying.

Genuine Health Vegan Proteins Plus, strawberry banana - One of the first vegan protein powders to include GMO-free sprouted greens in their formula, sporting a full amino-acid profile. Sweetened with stevia and natural flavors, I enjoyed a smoothie that curbed my afternoon craving and refueled my protein needs. Good, natural flavor, but a slight alfalfa-like aftertaste. Vegan, Gluten-free, GMO-free, sprouted, stevia-sweet, animo-acids.

Garden of Life RAW Protein, vanilla chai - the farther I read on the organic, vegan, GMO-free, sprouted, allergen-free nutrition label, the bigger my eyes (and stomach) seemed to grow. One scoop provides more delicious nutrition than most people get in a few days time. Easy on the stomach, raw probiotics help ensure you are utilizing everything in your shake. Truthfully, it is the only product of its kind on the market. Great flavor blend, but a little bit "powdery," quickly remedied by adding to a smoothie of fruit and almond milk. Raw, Organic, GMO-free, Vega, Gluten-free, Probiotics, stevia-sweet, amino-acids.

Vega Performance Protein, chocolate - Formulated for those looking to take their protein consumption - and athletic performance - to the next level. Vegan winner of multiple triathlons, iron-man competitions, and Ultra Marathons, Brendan Brazier, couldn't find a protein good enough for him... so he made his own. Plant-based and complete with replenishing minerals and electrolytes, I'd recommend the very "chocolatey" chocolate to anyone serious about their dietary protein. Vegan, Athletic-grade, GMO-free, Gluten-free, amino-acids, minerals.

Tera's Whey, organic coffee - If you are like most coffee-lovers, a bad brew is sacrilegious. But this organic whey blend stays true to it's name, with a hint of sugar-free sweetness (stevia, of course). In fact, everything about this is pure, not to mention rGBH-free and from grass-fed cattle. Seriously one of the best whey sources I've seen, and oh-so-delicious! Try blended cold with ice and organic milk, or mix with warm milk and a dash of cocoa. Organic, RGBH-free, grass-fed origins, Gluten-free, stevia-sweet, digestive enzymes, amino-acids.

Natural Factors Whey Factors, French vanilla - Did you know that America has virtually no standard for the quality of their whey? Scary, huh? Well, Canadian whey to the rescue! This ultra-clean protein is considered "gold" for anyone looking for a basic protein supplement, with full-spectrum amino acids naturally occurring. My guess is that you'll love the stevia-sweetened French vanilla enough to add it to water or milk. GMO-free, Gluten-free, amino acids, stevia-sweet, high-quality, reasonable price.

Nutiva Hemp Protein Plus Fiber - Hemp is the vegan break-through seed for acquiring essential omegas for your brain, heart, nerves, and skin. It is also high in fiber and protein. Nutiva makes sure its products are organic, GMO-free, and pure. Unsweetened, add stevia to your shake, or enjoy the nutty, earthy flavor as-is with almond or hemp milk. Excellent for satisfying hunger. Organic, vegan, non-GMO, unsweetened, Gluten-free, fiber.

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