Monday, September 23, 2013

3 Outfit Collages

What I'm wearing - casual church outfit
Green/white checkered button-up with ruffles
Wine-colored corduroy pants
Brown flats
Green gem earrings
Hair - half up, half down
makeup - foundation, mascara, lip shimmer

What I'm wearing - work outfit
Light teel t-shirt
Medium-wash cuffed jeans
Pink Converse
Printed scarf
Pink purse
Green gem earrings, star earring in cartilage
Hair - half up bouffant, half down
Makeup - cover up, foundation, black liner, mascara
(my little curly-top sister in the background)

What I'm wearing - church outfit
Sage green tank top
Sage green cardigan
Green/off-white damask skirt
Tan sequined wedge heels
"Gold" hoop earrings
Hair - twist
Makeup - foundation, highlighter, brown liner, mascara

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