Thursday, October 3, 2013

Feminine, not Girly - plus a CD Review

I am feminine:
I can clean the house top to bottom without chipping a nail; I change diapers, rock-a-bye little children, and kiss "boo-boos." I wear dresses and denim skirts, simply because I can. I could counsel you on what hair care product to use, and what makeup looks best with your skin tone. A sewing machine has the place of honor in my room. I can bake a cherry pie from scratch, and mix my own spices. I can wash, dry, fold, and iron clothes like nobody's business! My hair is waist-length, and I can twist in into a bun in 5 seconds. I drink tea while I write poetry. I knit hats and scarves for my siblings. I love painting pretty pictures, and I wear polka-dots. I know how to walk in heels, and sit in a pencil skirt, and how to mend nylons. I can find the best deals on groceries. I rarely raise my voice, and say "please," and "thank you." My elders go by "sir," and "ma'am." My closet is overflowing with clothes and shoes. There's no doubt about it - I'm feminine.

I am NOT girly:
I not afraid of spiders and snakes. I can change the tires on my car, and know how to check the oil. I go running in the rain... barefoot. I listen to Christian rap, and jam out in our family van. I have a hunting license. Sometimes I use a bar of soap instead of shampoo. Makeup is an inconvenience. I burp when no one is listening. Giggling and talking about boys isn't my thing. I'm not afraid to work hard, get my clothes dirty, and lift heavy things. I can't remember the last time I've curled/straightened my hair. I go rock climbing, caving, and running. I helped my dad roof our house. I can lift 50lb bags and carry it on my shoulder. I'm less sensitive and dramatic than most guys I know. I can stand up for myself. I've gone weeks without shaving my legs (in the winter, when I wear pants). I know how to use a power drill. I always buy clothes at thrift shops, and accept hand-me-downs. I watch murder mysteries, but never soap operas. Big girls don't cry. It's pretty obvious - I'm NOT girly.

Ladies, are you confusing God's beautiful design of femininity, with the world's idea of "girly-ness?" Strive to be Women - not girls - tender and compassionate, yet strong and capable. Put away childish things, such as gossip, impurity, and self-centeredness. And don't confuse being feminine with being a feminist, which holds the opposite view of Scripture.

Still confused, or want to learn more? Check out Elizabeth and Anna Sophia Botkin's CD "Adventurous Femininity - when being 'girly' is not enough"

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