Saturday, June 7, 2014

Headband out of a Square Scarf w/ pictures

A simple and cute look for work, play, church, the office, dates, or bad-hair-days. You can choose from most any scarf and make it work for you.

The picture tutorial is pretty self-explanatory, but let me elaborate if need be.

Note: if you are using an oblong scarf (as opposed to a square scarf) steps 1-4 are not necessary.

Step 1: Decide whether you want your hair up or down, or your bangs forward or back. Do your hair accordingly, keeping in mind you'll need about 2 inches of room for the headband to go around. Hairspray is helpful. Also, if you are going to wear earrings or wear makeup, do so now.
Step 2: Lay the scarf down flat, and fold it in half, point to point, to make a pyramid or triangle.
Step 3: Visualize a half-way point between the top-of-the-pyramid corner and the base, and the point down to that area.
Step 4: Visualize the remainder of the scarf in fourths, or quarters. Find the 1st quarter between the top and middle part, and make a crease with your hand. Fold the crease over, as to hide completely the top-of-the-pyramid point folded in step 3.
Optional step: depending on how wide you want your headband to be, you can stop folding after step 4, or you can fold the scarf in half one more time.
Step 5: Hold the scarf by each end, pulling firmly as to keep from unfolding. With the smooth side facing out, place the middle of the scarf at the nape of your neck and bring either side up to the front of your head.
Step 6: Secure in the center with a simple knot, pulling just tightly enough to keep it firmly in place without potentially giving you a headache.
Step 7: Tuck the ends of the scarf underneath the headband, close to your head, on either side. Ta-da! You're done and look fabulous!

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