Saturday, August 2, 2014

A new kitchen - first day

In other news... I MOVED INTO MY VERY FIRST APARTMENT! Being nineteen, that's a big deal! There's much more to write about, especially how God guided my decision and provided just the right thing. But for now - being I've only just moved in a couple hours ago - I just want to post a few pictures. More to come!

Contrary to the picture lighting, the walls are an off-white

Crock pot already plugged in! Trying out an oriental soup
with mung beans and wild rice. Above in the cupboard
are most all the dry food goods I should need.

Since there are no pull-out drawers, mason jars or pots will
do to hold utensils

Atop the fridge: two decorative bowls for shelf-stable
produce like onions, garlic, and yams. Also, my oil staples
- extra virgin olive and coconut

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